Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day!

This May Day has me dreaming of planting my garden, even though it's way too soon to start digging in the dirt.

 Nevertheless, I'm hanging out with the chickens at the nursery, plotting and scheming up a landscape plan for the City house.
I'm thinking boxwood borders, olive trees and white roses.

 Of all times to be having the worst drought in history!
I want to plant boxwood and I'm afraid they're going to need too much water.
Do I opt to plant them anyway and just take a shower every other day to balance out the watering needs?

The resident kitty could care less about my dilemma!
That's ok.  We'll just wait until fall to landscape and hopefully by then it will start raining.

Wishing you all a Happy May Day!

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Makemineaspritzer said...

I've decided to shower less and garden more!

Kathysue said...

Happy May day to you too, D!! Hard decision, maybe shorter showers and a few less boxwood. Enjoy your gardening!! I am still packing up my house for the move, packing and packing!!

Sammy said...

Well, in Indiana we don't have the water problem. I have white roses and boxwood. We stayed at the Grand Delmar a couple of years ago and I copied off of them. : - ) The winter before last was brutal. I had to replant the roses, and replace some of the boxwood. I'm praying this summer they all look much better than last.

The rooster in the picture is beautiful!!

Marlis said...

Sounds wonderful. My boxwoods are mixed in with my "santa fe" garden and are doing great on less water. can't wait to see pictures.
xo marlis

Thehouseofhampton said...

Plant the boxwood! Just be mindful of everything else planted. Shower daily, but really fast. You know the drill.
The House of Hampton

Karena said...

Happy May Day Delores! I love boxwood, the watering is a dilemma. We get plenty of rain now, in the spring and then later in the summer everything gets parched! I don't even know; does it thrive in some shade so you don't have to water as often?

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