Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Turquoise Obsession

I found my first piece of turquoise jewelry many years ago in Santa Fe.
Actually, make that my first three pieces!
Mr. A bought a necklace and two cuffs for my birthday, which I wore to death!

 I'm always hunting for turquoise!  I've found treasures in antique stores as well as resell shops, pawn stores, and online.
Believe it or not, I found this cuff on vacation last year, on the east coast.
I love the copper veins running through the stone.

This Zuni cuff was a flea market find.

 In my opinion, the best place to buy turquoise is in New Mexico.
This cuff came from the Taos Pueblo.

Santa Fe is my favorite place to hunt for turquoise.
The further away from the central square, the better the price!
I found this cuff on my last visit.  The stone is Royston turquoise, mined in Nevada.
I love the green and brown color and prefer it to bright blue turquoise.

I'm always looking for an unusual piece, like the cuff above.  That's a real silver dollar, circa 1885, signed by the artist who made it.  I fell in love with it, but realize it's not for everyone.  Mr. A says it looks like I should wear it to Las Vegas!
I don't care, I love it!

My most prized piece though is this vintage Zuni "petit-point" squash blossom necklace.
They don't make them like this anymore.  It is from the 40's and reflects the craftsmanship that is long gone.

 I love to wear it with a black sweater for a simple, elegant look.

Mixing turquoise with stones like white turquoise and even black onyx together keeps things more interesting.  I also like to wear multiple cuffs, instead of just one.

My idea of turquoise heaven!
A store in Utah had a fabulous collection of cuffs.
I'm in love with the Zuni bracelets on the left.  Such a nice collection!
Which one would you choose?

  We love to discover new sources of turquoise when we travel.
This little store is in the Taos Pueblo.
As you can see Mr A is in full New Mexico mode with the hat!
He even bought a turquoise ring and silver cuff for himself!

 Besides wearing turquoise, I love to see my collection all displayed together.
In the bathroom, I've gathered cuffs and rings in a glass display case.

 Necklaces, earrings and a few random pieces sit in the dressing room.

The raw turquoise bead necklace above was one of my first turquoise purchases, from my trip to Round Top, Texas!

And finally, my favorite piece, the Zuni squash blossom necklace takes center stage.
Someday, it will be passed down to a family member who loves it as much as I do.
Clearly for me, diamonds aren't a girl's best friend-- turquoise is!

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Unknown said...

Just wonderin'....Is that a Michele watch adorning your wrist?
Beautiful collection.

swedecollection said...

My favorite of yours is the one with the 1885 silver dollar. I also prefer green stones with the blue. I have a cuff my former MIL gave me from a Nevada artist but I can't wear cuffs in general because I need to bend my wrist all day and they restrict that movement. In the photo of the shop, I see ones in the style of leather band watches which is probably what I would pick for a bracelet. But, Katie Bar the Door, I CAN wear rings!!! You have a lovely collection.

Windmill Farm said...

I got started collecting turquoise in 1970s after becoming addicted to Mary Emmerling style of decorating and she always had tons of turquoise braclets on and showed her collections in her decorating books. There is a great shop that sells vintage pieces in Santa Fe square, inside a small mall, also new but she had a whole case of old pieces. Years ago, we took a drive while visiting Sedona up to Flagstaff and up at a viewpoint between the 2 cities, American Indians were selling turquoise at the view point. I purchased one a great bracelet there. My most treasured piece is from my mother, from the 1940s she bought taking trip across US. More green in color, I too, wear several at a time, sometimes mixed with plain silver bands. Thanks for sharing, brought back memories.

vignette design said...

Hi Deborah,
Not a Michele watch. It's Cartier, my 60th birthday gift from my hubby! Another heirloom to be passed down. -Delores.

vignette design said...

So funny you mention Mary Emmerling. I too was very influenced by her style and loved how she displayed her turquoise. I had forgotten until you mentioned it.
Love your turquoise story.

Marielle said...

We spent a few days in Santa Fe in early September. My 7th trip there in 20 years. Pretty good considering our home is in the Chicago area. While there I had my oval diamond solitaire reset in a turquoise and diamond thick gold band. A 20-year dream realized. I need to call the jeweler to be reminded of the name of the turquoise, and ask for care instructions.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection. BTW, during one visit we went to The Shed for lunch and Mary Emmerling was sitting at a table dressed in full Santa Fe style.

vignette design said...

She is the queen of turquoise! Your ring sounds so amazing!

GranthamLynn said...

Oh I love it too! Great post. Thanks for sharing.

sheilaa131 said...

A beautiful collection. My favorite are the cuffs. I would never have worn more than one cuff, but like the idea and will do so. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Delores, You have a beautiful collection! I also love turquoise and have several necklaces including a vintage squash blossom. Now I need to find some pretty cuffs like yours.

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