Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oil Paintings In The Kitchen

Displaying vintage oil paintings in your kitchen is a nice way to add warmth and character to your decor.
I especially like still life paintings in my kitchen, like this painting of grapes sitting on the counter...

 ...and this little oil of a basket of cherries on the shelf with my white ironstone.

Looking online for more "oil painting in kitchens" inspiration, I came across some wonderful examples.
I love this painting of a copper pot mounted on a wall of marble.

 One of my favorite kitchens is this one.
The green cabinetry with marble and brass is absolutely magnificent and so original.

Adding a gallery of oil paintings is genius!

Designer Lauren Liess created a gallery wall in her kitchen that caught my eye.
I love the combination of portraits and landscapes.  

A couple of bucolic landscapes really stand out in an otherwise simple and clean kitchen vignette belonging to Catherine from In the Fields.  

No wall space?
Line up your art collection above the cabinets for added visual interest.

This black and white kitchen belongs to Janet from The Gardener's Cottage.  It is warmed up with the seagrass rug, crystal chandelier, bamboo shades and yes--the little oil painting over the range hood.
Just darling!

It's not hard to find vintage oil paintings like the portraits sitting on this open shelving.

Whether you prefer still lifes, portraits or landscapes, as long as they speak to you, you can begin an art collection to be displayed in your kitchen. 
Keep in mind, they don't have to be perfect! 
I'm always checking out antique stores, resell shops and garage sales for original art.

What do you think?
Would you display vintage oil paintings in your kitchen?

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Kathysue said...

Love your oil painting in the kitchen, Yes I would display some in my kitchen if I had any walls to do so. They really add warmth and character to a space. I am still coveting all your white dishes with writing on them. I am on the hunt!! You have created a monster in me!! LOL

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh these are all gorgeous painting and I love seeing them in a kitchen.

Jeanne Bell said...

I think oil paintings add character to a room. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Yes I would! I have pinned a couple of these. I especially love the one above the sink. We are building a new house and my sink will not have cabinets or a window above it, so this is a great idea!

anjillie said...

Love all these photos. I always have art and books in my kitchen...just as in the rest of the house.

Gina said...

I love all kinds of art in my kitchen, especially hand painted ceramics from Italy. I have three oil paintings in my kitchen. They all live happily together.

Pinehurst Farm said...

Yes paintings in a kitchen look lovely! As an antique dealer and art collector I felt I had to post this comment. I would avoid placing any expensive or treasured painting in the kitchen, especially around the cooking areas. Decor in the kitchen often gets a thin coat of oil on it just by being near your oven/stove, and even items not that close to the cooking area can get an oily film on it. This is unavoidable, and can not be cleaned easily. I would only use paintings in a kitchen if I did not care what happens to it or is not worth worrying about.
Again, I do like the look as well. :-D

designchic said...

I just love the look - it adds such character to a kitchen. Happy weekend!

for the love of a house said...

Yes!! I've used antique oils in the kitchen for probably 20 years now:) fyi, For photo credits, the second pic from the bottom is Janet's wonderful kitchen from "The Gardener's Cottage." And the fourth from the bottom is Catherine's from "In the fields" (formerly "A Country Farmhouse") guest house kitchen. xxojoan

niartist said...

OMG! That green kitchen with the marble is by far my most coveted kitchen EVER! Great post Delores! I wanted to drop a line to say thanks for reminding me of that kitchen, but also to tell you about a little sale I'm having on my blog of my interior design and coffee table books. They've been hoarded for far too long, and it's time that someone else enjoy and be inspired by these barely used beauties. As I know you're keenly interested in interiors, I thought maybe you'd be interested - or could perhaps pass it along to someone you think may be! Hopefully there's something posted that'll catch your attention! Here's the direct link:

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