Monday, January 22, 2018

Faux Real

There was a time when I would never think of putting fake flowers in my home.
To me, no flowers at all were better than fake.
Well, let's just say I've evolved!
But so have faux flowers!

The quality of faux flowers has dramatically improved in the last few years.
During a recent trip to HomeGoods, I was surprised to find a whole aisle dedicated to faux.

Still, there are really good, lifelike flowers and really bad, obviously fake flowers.
You just have to be very discerning when selecting them for your home.

For instance, this leaf doesn't look real at all!
Actually, leaves are hard to pull off.

I ended up buying a faux peony bouquet for our master bath.  
I think that mixing it with all the bath salts and bath accoutrements helps to blend in and pull it off.

 Last year, I bought a pair of white orchids from Pottery Barn for the mantel.
I figured that from a distance they look real. 
It also helps that they share the mantel with real myrtle topiaries. 

 Real Peruvian Lilies share the living room with the faux orchids...

...along with real orchids in this urn. It helps to blend real and faux, I've found.

When it comes to real vs. faux, I think it's an individual choice.  
Maybe someone in your home is allergic to real flowers, or your kitty likes to eat them!
Not everyone wants to deal with the task of cutting and arranging real flowers either.
Although, I still enjoy picking up a bouquet at the grocery store, I've learned to appreciate a faux bouquet thoughtfully placed here and there.

Looking for quality faux flowers?
Check out HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, and One Kings Lane to name a few.

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RuggedCharms said...

Beautiful! And you are in good company with faux flowers. No less a design maven than Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame frequently uses a mix of faux and real flowers in her d├ęcor, even mixing faux and real in the same bouquet to enrich the look of her arrangements.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful new home!

Cynthia Christensen said...

I am so happy that you are posting again! Missed you. No faux! Ha! I'm a real flower type person, but must say...every once in a while it is helpful to have something blooming in the house. It just lifts the spirit. Actually, I am looking forward to checking out your cottage. Kinda missed being included in the process. Seems like you have already settled in and feathered your nest.
With you, however, I know you are always tweaking. Bless you dear one.

hmllynn said...

I have truly missed my Vignette Design 'fix'. The Asti home and your other house were truly an inspiration. I hope you will show us more of what you are doing now. Great to see your posts again! Good design bloggers are rare.

The Vintage Chateau said...

I agree, I never used to use faux flowers and greenery but when ! moved to Arizona everything died so quickly! There are now so many beautiful faux blooms that look great if used sparingly.


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