Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tin Can Homestead

Many of you already know of my obsession with Airstreams.  
I hope to someday buy a vintage one and completely renovate it top to bottom.
My inspiration?  The couple who did just that!

Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw actually bought a vintage Airstream, renovated it and made it their permanent home in Seattle for a year and a half before selling the Tin Can and moving to Vermont.
I discovered their Instagram, Tin Can Homestead and was instantly hooked on their journey.

I love their style and am so inspired by the design.
No dark paneled walls here, but white tongue and groove paneling and pine accents.
It feels Scandinavian in design.  Light and airy.

This isn't your grandparent's Airstream!

Their new book also by the same name is now available.  I received an advance copy for review and have been devouring it since.
It's a great DIY book, detailing their renovation and all the issues along the way that comes with a 1971 Airstream.

I had not considered all the negatives like mice, leaks and rotten floors when buying a vintage trailer.
Not that they had to deal with too much of that, but I learned so much about what to look for and what to expect if buying an old trailer.
They bought theirs already gutted which is a good idea.
Then they added the electrical, plumbing and walls.

 I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this process.
The before above and after here are so dramatic!

Of course, their dogs were there through it all.
How adorable are they?

This book not only documents Natasha and Brett's amazing year and a half living and renovating their tiny home, the Tin Can Homestead, but it's also quite romantic to read about their adventure.

They have since sold their Airstream and the Tin Can now lives in California.
I actually thought about buying it when they listed it on Instagram!
Natasha and Brett are now in Vermont on another adventure.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram at @tincanhomestead and @sugarhousehomestead.
You can buy their book at

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karen said...

Liked this post and I'm on it. Picking up this book.

cotedetexas said...

Love this!!!!!!!

June Lorraine Roberts said...

What an amazing job!

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