Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Centerpiece Of Multi-Color Roses

My mother had a wonderful rose garden when I was growing up.
She spent hours tending to them, and we always had a freshly cut bouquet in the house.
While I only plant white roses, she on the other hand had red roses, yellow roses, pink roses, lavender roses, and she knew the name of everyone of them!

That's why when I see multi-color roses at the grocery store, I buy them for a special centerpiece.
Recently, I did just that and filled a silver ice bucket with their glorious color!

 The tablecloth is a vintage African mudcloth.
The myrtle topiaries that I've managed to keep alive since Christmas flank the roses.  
Add a couple candlesticks and voila!

Not exactly like the tablescapes I used to create, but hey, it's a start.
I photographed this tablescape with my iPhone, experimenting with
the portrait feature which I think rivals my old trusted Canon Rebel that I used to use.  

What do you think?
This photo was taken with the iPhone on the portrait setting.

 This one from years ago was taken with the Canon.

 This was one of my favorite centerpieces ever!

 And here we are with the updated version!
I couldn't help thinking of my mom when I created this simple multi-color bouquet, knowing she could have named every rose in the container.  
Actually, I remember a few of them myself!

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gme said...

Beautiful roses. Your mother would be pleased. So happy to see a blog post from you.

Maria said...

I think it’s beautiful!

Unknown said...

I have missed you

Sarah said...

Delores, this is lovely. My mom grew roses too. I wish I had thought to get a start of her roses before she sold her home. The centerpiece looks stunning with the mix of colors and the silver containers. What iPhone do you have? I still have the 6 which doesn't have a portrait setting. Perhaps I need to upgrade!
Happy 4th of Juy!

lrvirtue said...

Gorgeous! What a wonderful way to remember your mother. I agree your
iPhone does rival the canon!

Linda Shields said...

Love the roses and the Portrait photos. I have a new iPhone 10 and I’m loving it, too. I’m sad I wasted so much money on cameras now. 😊

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