Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Dish Room

Just off the dining room is a little room that has many purposes.  An office.  A butler's pantry.  Dish storage.   It was probably a breakfast room in its previous life. 

At some point, cupboards were built for storage.  I think the previous homeowner entertained a lot and probably had lots of dishes just like me.
I call this room "The Dish Room!"

I found the perfect desk to fit between two of the dish cupboards.

I had visions of sitting here designing the remodel and perhaps creating a future tablescape.
In reality, Mr. A uses this desk more than I do, but that's another story....

Opposite the desk is a mirrored alcove that is temporarily housing my collection of colored glassware.  It needs updating as some of the glass shelves are cracked.
The counter is fake wood formica.
Notice I hung a chandelier and replaced the shutters with woven shades.

This little alcove could be a wet bar with a wine refrigerator below.
I'm envisioning a marble counter with a little brass bar sink.  I like the mirror and will replace it with new mirror or possibly antique mirror.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have some major inspiration.
I love this integrated marble bar sink.
The mirror on the backsplash is the look I'm going for, especially with the glass shelves.
What makes this special is the French bistro shelving.

I found the shelving brackets but they're quite expensive.
But it's the look that will set this wet bar apart.

 If I opt out of the brass hardware, the mirror and glass shelves will still work.
I like how the black counter looks with a brass sink.

How gorgeous is this sink?

Can you see it?
The wine cooler will go under the counter to the right.
The sink will be on the left side of the counter.
I'll either pick Calacatta Oro marble or soapstone, depending on whether I can find a remnent.

This room wears many hats.  It's the "Dish Room, aka butler's pantry.   And it's an office.  
With the addition of the bar sink, it could double as a wet bar and even a flower arranging station.
Not to mention, it could be a temporary kitchenette while our kitchen is being remodeled.
Who knew 100 square feet could have so many possibilities!
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Unknown said...

What a great little space. I love your ideas and that hammered sink is gorgeous! It gives me an idea for or hallway that will have extra depth between our dining room and future mudroom. What ever you decide with look amazing.

Sarah said...

This little space is fantastic! I love the idea of having a desk close to the kitchen, and the extra dish storage would be music to my ears! The wet bar inspiration photos are givingb me some ideas for our project.

Sheila in SF said...

What a great small functional space--will look great with your design ideas!

Phacts said...

I just love a glass room! We put a two draw dish washer (Fisher-Paykel) under the counter so glasses wash where they store.

Cheryl said...

I too love the brass bistro shelving, but since yours is in an alcove, I think it will look equally as charming with the glass (antiqued?) and your beautiful glasses...maybe bevel the mirror for added charm? And of course, a brass or silver hammered sink would finish off the look! I saw something similar years ago at the Pasadena Showcase, and it was stunning!

Walter & Hattie said...

Beautiful!! I am very inspired because I have a bar in the den that needs a face lift. What is your source for the bistro shelving? Thank you! Chasha

Rhonda said...

Ohhhh!!! The brass and glass shelving!!! This tiny multi-purpose room is going to be gorgeous!!

Cindi said...

It’s going to be amazing

95Wildcat said...

I love your brass sink idea. You have a wonderful design style and I know this room will be beautiful!

Shane and Nicole Jochum said...

Where did you find the shelf bracket system?

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