Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday House

My sister-in-law Ann does an incredible job decorating her house at Christmas time. I think she starts before Thanksgiving! She is a master at accessorizing and holds nothing back at this time of year. She adds a lot of natural greens and plants, so that nothing is artificial.

Can you see the wonderful screens? They're from our wine country house in Asti. This picture doesn't do them justice. They are upholstered in Fortuny fabric in a lovely orange. Did I say orange? The previous owner of that house left them and Ann inherited them from me. I think they give her living room such presence.

The dining room is set for a holiday ladies luncheon. Ann loves to entertain and is practically a professional at it!

Ann and I are married to identical twins! We like all the same things and have such fun when we are together.

Delores and Ann

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Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I am so glad to find your blog. I love your style, and I love your sister's style! (That is amazing that the two of you married twins!) I have just scrolled through all of your photos, and I have loved everything. It appears that you are a new blogger, and since I am just "meeting" you, I hesitate to make a suggestion, but I really had such a hard time seeing your beautiful decor in your small photos. If you'd like to know how to enlarge them when you post them, please email me at bargainhunr@gmail.com, and I will email directions to you. I'd love to see these beautiful photos enlarged! laurie

Julie at Belle Vivir said...

Love what your sister in low does with her house and the screens are to die for. I can imagine this house looks so much better in person.

xinex said...

Laurie sent me here and I am glad she did. I love the way your sister in law decorates. What a pleasure it must be to be invited and to dine at her beautifully decorated table....Christine

lvroftiques said...

Laurie sent me here as well, and I couldn't agree more with her! Your sisters home is so lovely I'm longing to see all the details! And how fab to be married to twins! I'm off to read more of your blog...can't wait to see what's next! Vanna

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