Thursday, February 18, 2010

Collecting Antlers

Antlers are very popular now, which makes me very happy because I've had them part of my decor forever!
Above, is an unusual painted Black Forest antler which compliments the green majolica plates.

I love this one because of the oak leaves and acorns. The little antlers are from the European roe deer. Most of them are 50 to 100 years old.

We bought these at the flea market in December. They have dates already on them. 1930 and 1959.

They ended up in our bedroom on either side of the bed.

Most of my collection is at our house in Asti.

Close up of the antlers. I even have an antler on the credenza.

A bedroom in our Asti home has this set of antlers above the bed. I found this in an antique store over 15 years ago in Healdsburg.

When our boys were little, we decorated their rooms with an outdoor motif. Naturally, antlers were a must. We found them at antique stores and had fun searching for them.
This one is huge and hangs in son Alex's bedroom.

This large rack is actually resin. Another resin antler on the table.

Which is ok because it is hanging outside year 'round.

I realize some people are a little squeamish about antlers. Afterall, they came from a living deer! But I always say: I didn't kill the deer, it was already dead a long time when I found the antlers!
I know that doesn't sound very nice, but growing up with a father who deer hunted, maybe I'm a little used to the idea. Antlers were always around when I was growing up.
I just find them to be such a wonderful accent piece hanging above a painting or flanking a mirror. What do you think?

I'm joining Cindy's Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

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Debbiedoos said...

You have an awesome collection!!~ They are really if I only could find a space for some I would start a cool collection too!!~

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love them. I just started collecting them last year. I started seeing them in a lot of design books especially Charles Faudree's. He uses them a lot. I have found most of mine on ebay from Austria. An antiques dealer sells them on there. Shipping is a bummer, but I can't find them anywhere else. Found two at a flea market and they are small. Check out my touches of red post and you will see some of mine. I do wish we lived near each other we could have the best time shopping....Kim

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

Antlers can be used in so many different decor styles, I like them, and I really like how you've hung them along the mirror, that really makes a statement! Congrats on you new grandbaby!

Anne Lorys said...

Ahhhh, another antler lover!
I have them in little vignettes throughout my home, I find they add an unexpected element.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, so nice to meet you!


Coty Farquhar said...

CONGRATULATIONS Delores, on little Zoe Caroline, she is very beautiful.

What a fantastic collection of Antlers, I have always adored them (we are so alike) however there just aren't that many in Australia. I used to collect Sheep and cow horns once, I know, not quite the same but good fun, now Thomas is collecting them for his room and they are often proudly displayed on the front of young Aussie boys Utes here in the county areas of Australia.

xx Coty

Lost In Tarnation said...

I adore your home!!! Beautiful! And I also have a love of Antlers. You have a great collection!

Razmataz said...

Wow, I passed over a pair at a flea market recently and now wish I hadn't. Love the room with the begere chairs.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I am married to a deer hunter, I have no problem with the antler, but until recently, I had not given them much thought. I love yours. Thanks for the sweet note that you left me. I never know weather to show my own home or not...

Kathysue said...

GM, I love your collection of antlers you have them displayed perfectly in your lovely home. They just add the right touch of texture and interest. I love the green crendenza!! I just did a post on that color of green,it is my new color crush. The mirror above it is a stand-out, Your truly have beautiful pieces. I love to see them posted, thank you for sharing,Kathysue

The Old Parsonage said...

This is soo funny, ny DH just found a skull with antlers attached in our woods. Who knew it was the growing rage?

I love the ones along the mirror.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Ahem! Where exactly do you live, so I can come pick out my favorites???!!!

I think my post on Antlers has the most comments of any I've done so far, so many are with us woth liking them for decorative purposes.

Congrats on your new granddaughter...beautiful name!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Delores, I think you could hang a bra on the wall, and it would look fabulous! My husband and son are hunters, so they don't bother me, but I've never bought any and they've never gotten any worthy of a mount. I really, really love your outdoor area with the fireplace. laurie

Cass @ That Old House said...

Beautiful home! I love the print in your bedroom under the antlers. The antlers? Well, they are better than my brother's full deer heads... he is a hunter. My girls were fascinated by them when they were little.
The antlers look like sculpture -- very dramatic!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I've never decorated with antlers, but your photos make me want to reconsider. They look lovely!

Mary said...

Guess I'll be seeing antlers by the herd when in Africa - however I have to admit, being a vegetarian, I couldn't hang them on my walls Delores! I have a neighbor who's a hunter - he won't allow me into his home because he thinks I'll freak out when I see his wall decor!!!

As always your home looks amazingly beautiful, and one should always decorate with what one truly's like your signature.

Allison Shops said...

I have a small collection of Black Forest antlers just inside the MBR. They can be seen from the great room and I love everything about them. I have some of the suede/leather covered ones too, in DS guest room. Being from the South, where hunting is a way of life and a source of food, I don't think twice when I see them... but I can't say the same thing about mounted heads.

Lovely home.

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