Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: Chicken Wire!

Shades of Light
Chicken wire seems to be everywhere these days! Of course it's on my mind lately because I'm researching chicken coops!

The real reason why it is on my mind though, is that while antiquing in San Anselmo on Sunday, I found this wonderful old faux bamboo armoire with chicken wire. I would seriously sell my first born for this armoire, but it was already sold! Now I can't stop thinking about it!

House Beautiful
It made me want to come home and replace the glass in my kitchen cabinets with chicken wire like the image above! If there was glass in this cabinet, I don't think the effect would be near the same.

House Beautiful
I adore the built in cabinets in Jill Brinson's home in Atlanta. Talk about inspiration!

Country Home
You just don't know where or in what form chicken wire is going to turn up these days....

Last spring, Pottery Barn came out with some cool chicken wire accessories like this three tiered stand that I used for a tablescape and has since lived on my kitchen island.

Pottery Barn also had these great chargers that were perfect for my Easter table.

I've noticed a lot of chicken wire domes lately. I found this one at a cute boutique in Healdsburg and used it for a recent tablescape too.

It isn't just the wire that I love. I've always been drawn to the good, old-fashioned "chicken wire" or hexagon tile that is reminiscent of vintage bathrooms.
In the "boy's" bathroom upstairs, I did the reverse of what is typical and made the dominant color black with white rosettes.

I'm now researching tile for my downstairs bathroom floor. But instead of tile, I want to use carrera marble hexagons like above.
My daughter just retiled her bathroom in a charcoal grey marble "chicken wire" tile.
It is amazing!

Authentic Provence
And who can resist antique French terra cotta hexagon floor tiles! I would love to have my kitchen floor tiled like this someday!

Back to the real purpose of chicken wire: Chicken coops!
If you get a chance, visit Thefancyfarmgirl. She wins the contest for the most stylish chicken coop! You can read her post here.
How about that for some chicken wire inspiration!
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Kathysue said...

Hi D!! When I saw the first image I thought Oh Delores needs that hanging in her chicken coop, I just know all the little hens would lay more eggs with that to look at. Be sure and check out Holland chicken coops they are adorable!!! I am going to live vicariously through you!!! Keep us posted. Love all of the above images expecially the hex carrara tiles!! have a great rest of the week,I am going to do a little treasure hunting today, also I got all my fabric samples and they are a bit of a surprise to me, looking quite different than on line, but a good surprise!! KS

NanaDiana said...

I'm with you- I think I like the hexagon shape of chicken wire and that is what appeals to me. I could take or leave the chandelier but I love those hutches with the chicken wire fronts...and all the old floors. Hugs-Diana

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Hi Delores, Isn't it amazing how a "SOLD" sign on a beautiful thing makes it "Oh so more attractive"!I LOVED the armoire too. I especially look for black chicken wire when peppering it into my decor. I always figure if it doesn't fit in, it can be moved OUT into the gardens! I agree with you that it's the shape that is so attractive... I'm enclosing here a website of stone tiles reclaimed from France that are "To Die For"... I had gotten some in France that I carried home with me, BUT now I also have a source to buy them here...
This company is only about an hour or two from me so I'm planning on taking a trip up to "Check them out" soon...
Have a wonderful week,
Hugs, Donna

karen said...


I'm with you...love the House Beautiful image. Chicken wire seems so homey and old world country.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Why is it that every time I visit here I want to find everything you feature and use it in my home?

LOVE everything! The tile in you boy's bathroom is gorgeous! I love that you used the black as the dominent color...perfection!

I am off to go buy some chicken wire...haha!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I know you are sick that the cabinet was sold. I love that too. I have always loved those tiles in the hexigon shape. That is one fancy coop!

bj said...

This is so funny to me because back in the 70's, both my hutches had chicken wire. I used them for awhile and then, replaced them with glass. NOW, I am ready to go back to chicken wire. Just goes to show, styles ALWAYS make a circle and come back.
xo bj

Tamra said...

I love chicken wire. I used Avairary wire on my cabinet since the doors were narrow and it's a little bit smaller thank chicken wire but I love the look of both!

Linda Q said...

Great fun post! I especially like the room with the chicken wire book cases too, yum!

On Crooked Creek said...

Enjoyed your post on chicken wire immensely! I have a cabinet on the lower level that has chicken wire doors. . .it's actually an old chicken coop painted red with darling little short bun legs! "Mr. Ed" didn't share my enthusiasm when we made the purchase. It was about to fall apart. . .lots of reinforcing with screws, nails and some touch up paint! It now houses all the dishware for the lower level and adds so much to the character of the room. Good luck on your search for the "perfect" chicken wire piece for your own home!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Oh Delores, that first armoire is GORGEOUS!!!! I would die to have that too, I am so sorry it was sold and you didn't get it! I will DREAM about that:):) Love the last chicken coop, pretty fancy, huh??? I will send this to my SIL who has chickens too. Her coop is not as fancy:):) Enjoy your week. I loved the beautiful hex tiles that you would like to do your kitchen with too! XO, Pinky

Kathy said...

Wow beautiful post, I loved every minute of it!

Low Tide High Style said...

I can see why you wanted that armoire so much, it is drop dead gorgeous! You'll find one, just keeping looking, and I'll keep my eye out too for one on this coast!

I love all your tile, and I think the marble will be beautiful! Those chargers are too cool too, and I love those chicken wire inspired chairs!

Kat :)

savvycityfarmer said...

I've told you before I have that very cloche ... love it
and I love that you always have a theme going on here

you little bloggie pro

Gerry said...

I so agree with Cathy. Almost everything you show us is something I want to use in my home but just hadn't thought of yet. I have a few things similar and the way you display things just makes everything so much prettier that I have "copied" several ideas. The black tile in the bathroom is gorgeous and the dining room from HB is just lovely. I have a cabinet/shelf that is pretty boring right now and I'm thinking a little chicken wire might just be the ticket to livening it up! Keep up the good work.

Allison said...

I have never seen such a fancy chicken coop! That is something else. A chandelier, too! I love it! Delores, I think you need a chicken coop just like that one. What a wonderful faux bamboo armoire! Isn't San Anselmo a cute town?

Laura Lynn said...

I love the use of chicken wire too and have had several things with it over the years. Sometimes when something becomes so popular, I tend to lose interest. But the chicken wire is so sweet I still love it.

I have a vintage French herb crate straight from France made from chicken wire. I'm still working on a reproduction of it. You would love it!
Love your blog! So glad I found you.

Sarah said...

I could definitely adopt the look and be happy. I did get a set of the PB chargers. Would love to have one of the covers. Great texture and character! ~ Sarah

Antique Style said...

My daughter follows your blog and is convinced you and I are related. We always seem to be thinking the same things. I am hunting for cabinets with chicken wire right now. Two weeks ago I received my order of hex marble with a bunch of other marble for a bathroom.

I have to pass along my source--buildersdepotdirect.com. I had 1350 lbs of marble delivered to Sacramento for 125.00 flat rate shipping.

They have a great marble: Venato, which is a statuary marble. It is whiter than carrera and inexpensive compared to Calcutta. $7.00 ft for subway and 10.95 for hex!

I lost my bay area source for cheap marble so I thought I'd pass this along.

Online Furniture Stores said...

These are good uses of chicken wire.I like your Ideas.

Robyn said...

i'd like to build a built in with chicken wire....any ideas on a good source? and how would i know if its really the "authentic" look we would want? thank you!

Laura Montoya said...

Does anyone know where I can find those chicken wire chairs.I love them

bento box beauty said...


I found the chicken wire chairs here: http://www.hiphaven.com/Pages/F_Steel_Mesh_Furniture.html

They also make really neat side tables.


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