Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family Room Sources and a Reality Check

I've received a few emails and comments asking where I bought my family room furniture.
The sofa and loveseat came from Crate and Barrel. This is the stock version, available for immediate delivery.

My inspiration for this style was from this photo in House Beautiful of a house in Napa.
I like the one, long bench seat cushion and the fluffy back cushions. Even the ticking stripe was a consideration.

So when we visited the Crate and Barrel showroom floor, and I saw the floor model, I asked if it could be customized to my specifications. No problem, they said.

I found the 100% linen and had it shipped to the manufacturer. I also changed the nailheads from silver to dark bronze. Then we waited four months for delivery!

I ordered the seagrass rug from Home Decorator's catalog.
The wool kilim is a Pottery Barn rug that I found on Ebay.

The wicker trunk is from Williams-Sonoma Home, last year.

The pine sofa table is from Sonoma Country Pine.
The table top accessories, lamps and cement container from One Kings Lane.

This is how I want my family room to look all the time.
Neat and tidy, pillows fluffed, fresh flowers on the table. Photo shoot worthy.
But no. With my son home from college for a month, and other grown kids visiting and spending the night, it does not look like this!

Reality Check!
This is what my sofa looked like this morning! I give up!
I should have ordered the biggest sectional I could find, and upholstered in teflon!

The reality is that life is messy. Kids and dogs are messy.
I'm reminded of my favorite quote by Albert Hadley:
"Make your home as attractive and comfortable as possible and then get on with living. There's more to life than decorating."

Sometimes "the home within us" isn't in sync with the home we live in!
Is your home photo-shoot worthy at all times?

I'm joining Kim from Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesdays.
My reality check family room is sure to wow everyone, I'm sure!

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Anonymous said...

Your home is so beautiful and your furniture is too. I'm so glad you've shown your room after the kids got through with it. I was thinking you were just so perfect! :) Glad you're a regular gal and like happens. You know I'm teasing, just so many of us never show the reality of our rooms!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jemsmom said...

I love that you showed the reality side of your home! I sometimes think I am the only one in blogland that doesn't keep the perfect home! I have always admired your style and decor. You truly have a gift!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That's funny, Delores. No, my home is definitely not photo shoot worthy all the time. My darn ironing board is still up in the sun room. My kitchen table is covered in stuff as is the counter top. We always have stuff out of place and that is what makes a house a home. Thanks for sharing and love that fabric.

Antique Style said...

Hi Delores,
You make me giggle--thanks!

Thanks for taking us through the decision process, a major seating purchase like that isn't easy!

I purchased the sectional, and keep wishing I'd done the separate pieces......

John said...

When I was single, my home was mostly photo-ready. I even set the dining room table as if for a dinner party! (I know --loser)! But now with a partner, two dogs and a cat --forget it.

Sarah said...

Delores, I was giggling out loud when I saw the sofa and the plant. You have a great sense of humor. We don't have pets or kids, so things stay pretty neat most of the time. Certainly not photo worthy though, especially the bedroom. My husband dislikes all the pillows on the bed, so they don't go back on every day. And the dining room table is the catch all for the day's mail, etc. Nice to know that we all live a normal life.
Your home is so gorgeous that nothing would detract! ~ Sarah

julie said...

your post made me laugh because that is exactly how my home would look while my sons, their dogs and their friends came visiting. I wouldn't change that for anything.

Marlis said...

Life happens. You should see our home when I'm in the middle of something, anything, regardless. Or when the grands leave. Our oldest moves back home to town in December, I can hardly wait.... But your home is still something I would love to be in, the sofa looking like that just says Love lives here. Be happy and count those blessings! Your home is beautiful.

The Inspired Nest said...

Thanks for posting the real life pics! I have a 13, 11 and 9 year old. I refuse to buy a new couch until they are much older. I may be holding out for a while now!

Lori E said...

Our very good friends who used to live right behind us never have a messy house...ever...ever. Dishes are done before dessert is served. Every piece of paper is handled to completion as soon as it comes into the house. Laundry is washed, dried ironed and put away almost every day.
One summer after they had moved away their kids came and stayed with us and their daughter said to me "when I have a house I want it to look like people live in it".
Well my house sure looks like that and that is how we like it.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Delores, My rooms are never photo worthy because even if they are neat there is always something I don't like. I have a large sectional in the room with the big tv and all the kids and their friends fight over the corner so they can stretch out their long legs! I wanted a sofa with attached pillows so they wouldn't end up all over the floor, but I couldn't find a sectional like that! Oh well, straightening out the sofa has become one of my morning chores, and it actually feels good after I do it. Your room is absolutely wonderful. Linda

Kathysue said...

Oh D, I think we can all relate, I would say, a Big NO!!! to that question. I guess we can all dream about our perfect rooms. I love your reality, it looks like HOME to me and that is alllll GOOD!!xo Kathysue

The French Hutch said...

I love you put everything in perspective, and all to be said is AMEN! Even messy your home is fabulous. I'm still cleaning up after my family with my three year old grandson left. Its life, wouldn't it be sad if it were any other way. Cest la vie! (hope I got that right). Great post.........

The French Hutch

Rhonda said...

Your blog is one email in my inbox that I never fail to open and your photos inspire me! Your comments today are especially appropriate for me, as I am in the planning stages of redecorating our family room and trying to balance comfort, practicality, and prettiness! Thank you for being real and reminding us of the true purpose of home.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Oh how I wish my house was always photo shoot ready, I want it to be, I try to keep it that way BUT!!!!!!!!! Reality is right: life happens. Things get messy, don't get put away right away. Interuptions happen. THANK GOD we are normal!!!!! XO, Pinky

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I just love the feel of your home and I completely understand as I have 2 teenage boys! They do not put anything back the way they found it and the seem to drop things as they go along! However, like you, I wouldn't trade them for anything. Before I know it they will be grown and gone.

I thought I was already following you but I am going to click again! Have a great holiday weekend!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Delores, I am glad you can't see my house right now! We are in the middle of several projects and getting ready for a garage sale. Your home is always so beautiful...even with the dead flowers.

victoria said...

Beautifully done and I just love your fabric choice for the sofa and love seat! Can I ask what name and color the fabric is? Hopefully you'll take this as a compliment, but I'd love to recreate this look. I also wanted to know if you'd be willing to share the yellow paint color you have in the background,

You are one talented person!

victoria said...

Absolutely stunning! You are one talented lady and I just love your fabric choice on the sofas. Would you be willing to share the fabric name and color as well as the muted yellow paint color you used? Hopefully you will take this as a compliment, but I'd just love to copy your color scheme.

Any info would be great! Thanks for posting these lovely photos. You have inspired me!

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