Monday, May 7, 2012

The Graduate

There is a lot to be said about the cost of education.  
To me, it's priceless.

On Saturday, our youngest child Alex graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Human Resources and a minor in Italian.

He wore his study abroad sash and Italian honor cords with pride, and of course, the proverbial lei!

Proud doesn't even come close to describing this moment.
While everyone is smiling, I'm trying not to cry!
Four children, all college graduates.  For me, that means so much, as I did not earn a degree.
As an autodidact, I earned my degree from the "School of Hard Knocks" instead.
So now you can see why the cost of education to me is priceless.

Congratulations Alex!
"Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues."

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Kifus said...

What a joyful moment, Delores! Congratulations to Alex or better... congratulazioni!!

And even though you are holding back the tears, you look lovely!

Thanks for sharing such a special day with us!


Susan said...

What a proud moment! I'm so happy for you, Alex and your family! Thanks for sharing pictures of this special day with us.

Marlis said...

Thank you for sharing this.. What a proud moment for all of you. The degree is a wonderful accomplishment. ps.. Mom's are allowed to have tears at anytime, wherever and whenever! You all look radiant.. xo marlis

Debby said...

Congratulations to your handsome son. I so agree about education. I think it is the most important thing you can give your children. The encouragement if nothing else.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Congratulations to Alex!! What a wonderful accomplishment and what a beautiful family photo!

Miss Kitty said...

Congratulations to you and your whole family! Graduations are really such milestone events in life. Thanks for sharing those great photos with us.

Kathysue said...

Oh D! This is so wonderful, Congratulations for all your hard work Alex!!! Congratulations to Mom and Dad for all their hard work, too!!
What a wonderful day, indeed!! So happy for your family! xo Kathysue

Sarah said...

Congratulations, Alex! What a handsome family. This has been an exciting year for your family. ~ Sarah

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

Proud day for Momma. Congrats on all four of your children...finding their way. A very big day indeed. Everyone looks happy, and a few proud and happy tears are expected from Mom on a day like this. ha ha

On Crooked Creek said...

Congratulations to Alex!!! You have every right to be proud and shed tears of JOY!!! WoW...four children through college! A degree of satisifaction, I'd say!

Pura Vida said...

Congratulations. I know how you feel, it's almost like it's happening to YOU..and it is. Proud proud proud!

Tricia Rose said...

All of them launched, a very touching moment - allow yourself some tears Delores. Would that all tears were so happy!

Tretswelt said...

Oh ist das schön!Ich gratuliere auch .Vielen lieben grüße aus Germany Alex.Bussi.Lu.

Babs said...

Congratulations to Alex! Thanks for sharing this special day in your lives and congratulations to you and your husband for having four children with college degrees! That's definitely an accomplishment to be proud of.

Elizabeth "Libby" Day said...

What a wonderful occasion for the whole family. You are so right, an education is priceless and worth all the dollars we spent, and the headaches along the way. Both our children and their spouses are college grads and beyond as is my hubby, and it is so rewarding to see them as productive citizens and parents. Thanks for sharing this special time with us.

Libby @ Beauty Without Within

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

We all cry at our proudest moments, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our children. Congratulations to Alex! I agree about education being priceless. XO, Pinky

Lori said...

Congrats. What a life moment for everyone! Priceless is right. Well ($100,000.00) priceless.

The enchanted home said...

How exciting! Congrats to your son, you must be incredibly proud.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a happy day for you! Congratulations to ALL of you!

Renae Moore said...

What a wonderful time of celebration and accomplishment! Congrats to Alex.

Karena said...

Delores you have so much to be proud of!! You have raised a wonderful family! That IS priceless!


Art by Karena

kim @ whitebarnbasics said...

Like a true, loving mom...tears of joy!
I am so happy for you!

La Dolfina said...

Congrats to all!!!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Congratulations to Alex and to the proud parents! It seems that we all just followed you to Italy when your son went abroad! I wish him all the best. Linda

home before dark said...

Congratulations to Alex and the Bank of Mom and Dad!
While I am a college graduate with graduate school hours and I cherish that experience, I also I am glad I got the "autodidact" gene, too. It is the life-long quest for learning and curiosity that truly informs my life.

So, kick off those shoes, snuggle into one of your many lovely vignettes, take down your newest book and enjoy your continued journey.

Karen said...

Congratulations! Such an accomplishment.

The French Hutch said...

Hello Delores, Congratulations to the proud graduate and to mom and dad too!!!!!

The French Hutch

Cyndia said...

Congratulations to you, for raising such a smart son! I know your heart is a'bustin' right now! I remember how proud I was when my daughter got her degree. Tell Alex as I told my daughter "Now you are so educated, so get a great job so you can support me when I'm old! LOL"
Enjoy your celebration.

Victoria said...

Buona fortuna a tutti. What a proud moment for you and your whole family.
XOXO Victoria

Leslie Harris said...

What a happy post! My oldest is finishing his first year in college and I can only imagine that day! Good job Momma!

Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

Curtains in My Tree said...

Honey I was just last night talking to one of my high school friends from 1964 , of all our class I am one with no college education, several of my classmates are professional and they visit a lot talking
Fran ask me where I graduated and I said just in LIFE , school of hard knocks LOL like you said

congratulations on your kids my girls are both attorneys and my son owns a building business

MOM(me) was a kid that learned it all the hard way

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