Monday, May 28, 2012

Showering En Plein Air

Coastal Living
My BFF Maureen informed me that they want an outside shower next to their spa and that her husband, was bound and determined to build one.  They use their spa more than anyone I know, so it makes sense to be able to shower before and after taking a soak.

Pottery Barn
An outdoor shower may seem like a frivolous idea, but trust me, if you have a spa, pool or live near the beach, it's a must.  They're perfect for washing the sand off the feet before going into the house...

...or, after a day in the garden.  Even for washing the dog outside!

This one seems fairly simple to make.  Just extend a pipe from your outside spigot. 
So what if the water is ice cold!
When it's 100 degrees  outside, you will be thankful!

This shower is equipped to wash your whole body, or just your feet.

Martha Stewart Living
I wish we had an outside shower growing up.  I remember going barefoot all summer long and at the end of the day, we hosed our feet off before coming inside.
Actually, the hose was rather nice since the first minute or so, the water was hot from being in the sun all day!  Remember?

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Kathysue said...

Love the idea of an outdoor shower! With the pool it might be a great idea to get the chlorine washed off!
Love the images!!! Happy Memorial Day sweet friend,
xo Kathysue

kim @ whitebarnbasics said...

pretty pictures! I, too, was a hose girl growing up! wonderful memories. Have a great Memorial Day!

Our French Inspired Home said...

I agree that an outdoor shower is a must for areas around beaches and pools. We have plans for one at our new home that will be just off of the pool so that guests can rinse after getting out. Also, when we travel to Jamaica they put foot showers near the bottom portion so that you can just rinse your feet. Great before you go into the house.

Mona Kay Gorman said...


Pura Vida said...

We have plumbed for an outdoor shower....copper..can't wait to show hubs this post so he can realize I'm not that far out

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Wonderful outdoor showers!....Love the one showcased by Pottery Barn!

Rebecca said...

Oh, yes....I DO remember. And these showers (AND the one in the more recent post) are incredibly inspiring. I don't have a spa or pool....what excuse could I make for installing one????

Nothing But Blue Skies... said...

I used to love that warm water from the hose! I would have loved an outdoor shower even more!

Thanks for the inspiring pics! Beautiful!

Rhonda said...

We live on a river in southwest Florida and figured an outdoor shower would be a perfect addition, especially for tired, dirty fishermen coming in after a long day on the water. For some strange reason, the shower has only been used a few times and now is a makeshift storage area! I need to rethink this....

James Wall said...

One of my uncle home, they have their outdoor shower in the back yard. It is over an decking. It gives a better way for lifestyle living.

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