Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pottery Barn's Rustic Luxe Collection

 Last month, I wandered in to the Pottery Barn in my town, which so happens to be their flagship store where all the photo shoots take place. They were photographing their new fall collection.
My first thought was, "Wow, talk about color!"

 Which is fine with me!  I love color, especially the colors they put together.
Olive, aubergine, mustard and red.  Very mediterranean. 
Pottery Barn is calling it their Rustic Luxe Collection.

There were beautiful benches upholstered in Suzani and Kilim...

 ...paisley linens and colorful pottery from their new Tapas Collection.

 I'm such a sucker for paisley!

It's fun to see the designers in action.  Everything is brought in for a day or two, staged and photographed, then it's gone until the catalog comes out. 
Well, I received the catalog the other day....

 ...and I was inspired.  
Their jewel toned glass lamps are just gorgeous, especially the aubergine one.
I actually bought the olive green lamp for the living room in Asti.
Mr. A loves the shape of it, as it reminds him of an antique French wine bottle.

 Their Rustic Luxe linens are beautiful too.
Why am I loving purple?  

The Rustic Luxe Collection.
"Inspired by the pairing of opposites - rustic textures and materials mixed with with soft and luxurious surfaces."

I'm all over it!

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Kathy Walker said...

Gorgeous collection! I know summer still will be hanging around for a while...but I love fall...the colors..the food..the breezes...I can hardly wait!

Janet said...

I love the new collection too...always look forward to the catalogs :)

The enchanted home said...

So pretty!! I have to say they have come a long long way...and to me, are looking better than ever, this collection in particular!

Olive said...

I know I loved the lamps too!

gme said...

I just received my PB catalog this week and so admired those lamps too! I love the fall colors and can't wait till September 1 when I put away my summer decor and haul out the fall stuff which is my favorite time of the year!

Sarah said...

Rustic Luxe ~ the name alone grabs my attention. Wonderful colors. I'm liking the purple too. ;-)

Jenny @ Faith + Pearl said...

Love! I'm a purple girl too. The front door of my last house was painted in a beautiful shade of egg plant. I adored that door from the moment I brushed the first stroke of paint on it. Thanx for the PB tour!


Our French Inspired Home said...

I have to say that Pottery Barn has some really good items these days. I find myself wanting more of their things all the time. Looks like this collection will be no different! Thanks!

Things That Inspire said...

Wow, what a treat to get a peek into the PB flagship store! I am definitely seeing a lot of rich, warm tones these days...which I like, but at heart I am a blue and green and taupe and white kind of a person!

I love how stores like PB and Restoration Hardware bring so much beautiful decor to so many people.

- Holly

Unknown said...

Love love this collection! The colors are exquisite! Thanks for the share!

Pura Vida said...

I have had my eye on those purple and gold linens I do love this store!

On Crooked Creek said...

I am always so envious of those of you who have a Pottery Barn store nearby...none here on my side of the Prairie!!!Thank you for the vitual shopping tour! The catalog is supberb...I can only imagine what it must be like in person!!!

Linda Leyble said...

Beautiful collection and photographs. Lucky you to be there on that day! I will have to open my mail now - got their catalogue the other day!


Robin said...

Thanks for sharing. As wonderful as the catalog is, there is nothing like seeing it all in person. I love those deep rich colors too!

Robin Flies South

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Yum - color love. Except for the aubergine, these are the exact colors of my family room. I think PB has THE most beautiful photography. I would love to be able to just stand back and watch the styling and the photography. Thanks for sharing.

kim @ whitebarnbasics said...

How cool for you to be at THE store that does the photo shoots! You get to dream just that much sooner!!!

Hitchhiker42 said...

Those paisley tablecloths & napkins are great. Funny, my girlfriend and I were actually thinking of flying to Glasgow and visiting the town of Paisley for the August bank holiday. Paisleys rock!

Kathysue said...

Hi D, I got my Pb catalog the other day also and I immediately thought to myself,"This is right up D's alley!!" It looks so much like your design aesthetic and I could see most of the pieces in either of your homes. Love the green lamp, Mr. D is so right!!! Have a great weekend,

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

The colors and textures are fabulous! I will have to check this line out in person.

Marlis said...

Got my catalog and started drooling immediately. Love love the colors and the textures they display. The Tapas set is so up our alley. And notice color!!! Thanks so much for sharing.. xo marlis

Betty said...

I would go crazy in that store. I love candles and candlesticks.

Unknown said...

Really its good to see.
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Lisa Farmer Designs said...

Gorgeous goodies...wish my Pottery Barn was closer. Our's is about 2 hours away. Thanks for sharing, Lisa

Privet and Holly said...

I am always in awe
of the creative minds
at PB.....How lucky to
have their "work shop"
in your own back yard.
We used to have a purple
chair and now I am
remembering why: it's
just lovely!!

Happy Monday,
xo Suzanne

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Good for PB...haven't they really been stepping it up a notch? I want to check out the linens.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

So lovely! I just got a mini catalog in the mail today showing a lot of the rustic luxe~ love it too! :)

Connie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

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