Monday, August 6, 2012

It's A Family Affair!

It was a family affair when we hosted the rehearsal dinner for our dear friend's son and his beautiful fiancé last weekend in the wine country.

While our daughter, son and son-in-law were in the kitchen cooking up dinner for 60 guests, the tables were set up around the pool with simple white tablecloths and olive green napkins.

Lanterns surrounded by grape leaves and grapes served as centerpieces.
Every guest received a mini bottle of olive oil.
This was the culmination of many hours of planning by my friend and I, and it was fun to see it all finally come together.

Before the guests arrived, I looked around at all the lovely tables and thought, this looks a lot like a wedding!  In fact it occurred to me that a family business just might be forming right before our eyes!

Meet Aaron.  He is the dessert guy.
He made peach cobbler with homemade brown sugar ice cream for dessert and served them in Mason jars.  Here he is documenting his hors d'oeuvre of strawberry, beets with cream cheese on crostini.

 Meet Ashley the caterer, and her husband, her sous chef for the day.
They sourced the food from local vendors, most of it organic and fresh from the farm.

Ashley taste testing Aaron's special salad dressing.

Even Alex joined the action, helping with the prep and clean-up.

 Later, after dinner, everyone watched as a full moon rose over the Mayacamas Mountains.
It was a magical night indeed and a beautiful wedding weekend.
We were so happy and proud to host this event
Who knows....

...this could be the beginning of a family affair!

The Menu:

Crispy Polenta cakes with wild mushrooms & fried rosemary
Crimini, Maitake, Trumpet Royale Mushrooms with Asti Rosemary

Smashed pea & ricotta on crostini with mint
Organic Ricotta with Wild Creekside Mint

Selection of Local artisan cheeses
Humbolt Fog Goat, Sonoma Dry Jack Reserve, & Point Reyes Raw Bleu

Olive medley
Selection of Italian and Spanish Olives

Heirloom tomato caprese
Soda Rock Farms Tomatoes (Healdsburg) with Belfiora mozzarella (Berkeley) 
Fresh corn salad with arugula, tomato & Tomatillo, feta cheese, & avocado
Belfiore Feta (Berkeley) with Soda Rock Farms Tomatoes, Organic Arugula, Avocado, Corn, & Local Tomatillo Lime Vinaigrette

Roasted Potato & swiss chard gratin
Organic, Locally Grown Rainbow Chard Wedged Between Creamy Potatoes

Beef kebobs
Ranch Raised Natural Beef From John Ford Ranch (Willits)

Open faced braised pork sandwiches
Quality Meat from Leading Pork Producers, Hill Pork Farm

Peach cobbler
Philo, CA Farm Peaches Braised with Cinnamon Under Buttermilk Streusel and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream in Mason Jars

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Lori E said...

I am eating my dinner while reading the menu and I am really making nom, nom noises. Fabulous.
Sounds like a good family business if you can put up with temperamental brides. Lol.
Always such a beautiful spot no matter what you guys are hosting.

Kathysue said...

Omgosh what a fabulous event given by the Arabians!!! It did look magical and the food sounded delicious. I have been missing you! Now I know you have been one very, very busy lady, xo Kathysue

The Cranky said...

Simply, and luminously, lovely...and the menu is to die for.

It sounds as though a magical family business is just around the corner.

Leslie Harris said...

Wow. I'm so impressed, all that cooking talent in one family. I hope you got lots of behind-the-scene photos, it sounds like one of those special nights you'll always remember...
Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Everything looked beautiful and magical! A family business sounds like it would be just the right thing!!!!

Tardevil said...

Looks beautiful! Sounds like the honeymoon started at the rehearsal dinner! ;-)

Entertaining Women said...

Your family achieved a magical evening of memories for the bride and groom. I love the simplicity of the green accents on white tables...absolutely all that was needed in this midst of such gorgeous vistas. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Low Tide High Style said...

Ooh, I think this would be a perfect family business for you all. Clearly you have the taste and the talents to pull it off...I would book an event with you!


The enchanted home said...

What a breathtaking party, and to think this was an effort by your whole family makes it that much sweeter and more beautiful!

Ggomez said...

Oh my! Beautiful and yummy! Keep us posted ,if this becomes a bussiness we need to know!(I also live in bay area)

Sarah said...

Wonderful menu and gorgeous setting. I'd say you have the perfect recipe for a family business.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Mouthwatering in a gorgeous environment!!! Bon courage.

Our French Inspired Home said...

Wow what a menu and setting. So elegant and it looks like it was a huge success.

Pura Vida said...

What fun! I just loved seeing your personal photos!

Marlis said...

A totally magical event. I love the white and green as it simply enhanced the beautiful landscape. It certainly fit perfectly. And the food, wow. I am sure the Bride and Groom will remember this evening forever. Good luck on the potential family venture!Gorgeous as usual! xo marlis

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Gorgeous event!!...sounds like your potential family venture would be a great fit and success!...Awesome views!

Sheila said...

Takes my breath away. I am inspired by that simple, luscious menu. Thank you for sharing. Many years of happiness to the couple AND the caterers!

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

I definately see a family business takiing off. It's a natural fit.
Your friends were lucky indeed to have you host the rehearsal dinner, in such a beautiful location. And even the surroundings co-operated, I sure you had the moon rise right on cue!! ha ha

Scribbler said...

Oh boy! you had me at "brown sugar ice cream" -- would he be willing to share the recipe?

This whole evening and menu sounds incredible, especially in the beautiful setting.

I see a new business venture in the making!

Babs said...

Fabulous setting, fabulous menu, and fabulous hosts...Perfect!
And, it sounds like a perfect family business, too.

Dovecote Decor said...

To use my children's venacular--sick and ridiculous. I have 3 girls, so when they get married in N.C. I'm still calling you. The menu is killing me.

Victoria said...

What a setting! The menu sounds fabulous (I love Humbolt Fog goat cheese) and I think a brilliant idea for a business was just born.

Julio Muao said...

What a fabulous setting and menu by a very talented and beautiful family! What a very lucky couple to have you in their lives. Thank you sharing this inspiring event with us Delores.

home before dark said...

Home grown genius, I say!

Lisa Farmer Designs said...

My what a wonderful party!! All the right ingredients...beautiful location, fabulous food, family and friends, and a very special reason to celebrate!!!

Yazzy said...

what a lucky couple! ;) So beautiful, thoughtful, and FULL of LOVE!!

vignette design said...

Just like you Yazzy! So happy for you and your new husband. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!

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