Monday, January 14, 2013

Antiquing In New Orleans: Lucullus

 The first antique store on my New Orleans "must see" list was Lucullus, the quintessential store for all things pertaining to the epicurean arts.

A beautiful tablescape greeted us as soon as we walked in.
Such an elegant table setting with vintage china, silver, crystal and monogrammed napkins.

Yet another tablescape with lovely silverware.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

But Lucullus is more than "The Tablescape," it's also about the preparation and serving of food.
This is Patrick Dunne's store, the expert in culinary antiques, and he actually believes that meals taste better when prepared with old things!

Patrick Dunne says, "Like all history, the story of how we eat is really just another part of the long tale about being human, one necessarily full of vast communications and contradictions."

"The use and reuse of old things can be functional as well as beautiful."

I couldn't agree more.
As I took it all in, I realized how important and primal to the human spirit the art of preparing food and dining with loved ones is.

Exemplified by a table of white ironstone soup tureens, all with a special history of their own.
I could only imagine the banquets and dinner parties they must have been a part of!

Lucullus is located in the heart of the French Quarter in an early 19th century building...

...with a beautiful and charming original courtyard.
Very New Orleans!

I've been wanting to visit Lucullus since I first wrote about it, Patrick Dunne and his book, back in August, 2011.  You can read it here.
His book, The Epicurean Collector can be ordered here.

This was the first of many antique stores that we visited the first day.
I soon realized that we need more time here.
Two and a half days is simply not enough time.

A huge thank you to those who sent me their New Orleans recommendations.
They were much appreciated, and we really tried to do it all.
I have to say, I fell in love with New Orleans!  

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Carol S. said...

Wonderful post, how do you pronounce the name of the store? I'm getting inspired here to serve a family dining room dinner this week. So glad you loved New Orleans, I have always enjoyed it as well. Looking forward to more posts, of course we love hearing it all.

Ron said...

What a great store!

La Dolfina said...

How fun Dolores!
New Orleans is definitely on my bucket list!

Kathysue said...

Hi D!! Oh my what fun!! I love all of your pictures, gorgeous. I just found something in one of your images that really is attractive to me. The wooden mortise and pestle! I think I need one of those! Loved it!!
Looking forward to more picts and details of your trip,
Happy Monday,

PS I see we are on the same post today over at Libby.s. Fun sharing the page with you and the other bloggers. I wrote a post on the skin care products I have found tried and true today also!! Then Tina wrote a fun Choose only one post on make-up!! Fun day in blogland!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...I am speechless! I can't think of a thing to say. I know you know what I mean.:-)

Ordering the book.

Scribbler said...

Fabulous post! I haven't been back since Katrina, but I think this will be the year.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh looks like such a great store and so many beautiful things. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

Sarah said...

Glad you and your girlfriends had a great time in New Orleans. I have the book, but have never been to his shop. Haven't been to New Orleans in many, many years. Thanks for sharing the photos of this gorgeous shop.

Dee at The Carlton said...

Oh be still my beating heart - that is my kind of shop *swoons* I love old dinnerware & that is so lovely & those ironstone tureens are just too gorgeous ... thank you for a wonderful blog!

Dee at the Carlton

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Thank you for this wonderful tour...felt like I was there. This is definitely on my wish list of things to do.

Unknown said...

That first plate looks like my herend pattern printemps. Love everything in that store!

Nancy @ The Headmistress said...

I knew you would love it; hope you stayed dry!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love New Orleans and love to pop in and out of the stores on Magazine Street! I'm wondering if I've been in this one! Oh, it's just marvelous! Now did you buy something?
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Leslie said...

Such a beautiful spot and gorgeous pieces. Antiques ~ the ultimate in recycling and there's nothing better than a little patina. I am fortunate to have visited here a few times as my father was born in New Orleans. The food, the people, the shopping, and all the history! Did you tour any of the plantations?

Thanks for sharing

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

OK. You had me at your gorgeous plaid tables--I've always liked plaids A LOT, and lately I've been nuts about them! What a beautiful blog! I'm your newest follower. Though I'm not as avid a blogger as you, I do hope you'll stop by and visit. ~Zuni

The enchanted home said...

WOW! This is sooo my kind of store. I feel like planning a trip to New Orleans just to visit this shop! My mom and I actually are supposed to go sometime late spring and I will absolutely add this as stop on my list of must visits! Gorgeous, I go a little nuts over stores like this:)

Unknown said...

My daughter is in NOLA right now and I sent her this link. Any other greats on your list?
xo Nancy

carolyn bradford said...

Ok…as many times as I've been to New Orleans…and even having a daughter that lives there…I've never heard of this store! I for one cannot wait to visit it! Those Ironstone tureens! They are fabulous!!! Isn't New Orleans just the best? I can't stay more than 3 nights though because we eat so much! I truly always feel like I'm going to die because of the amount of food we eat, the richness of it and the late hours we keep with Holly and Brad because we don't want them to end! Hmmm…I can't wait to be back! I miss her terribly! Thanks for joining the blog today…it truly made my day!

Bonnie said...

I am enjoying your trip to New Orleans. All the times I have gone there was not time for antiquing. mostly a wedding, ballgames and a lot of eating. Your trip looks like a lot of fun.

Something so funny I have to tell you. I love the tablescape set like the french do according to the author, Betty Lou Phillips. I noticed two things right away because I just posted on the customs. You'll get a kick out of this I think. Go to my blog and click on the post french copycat tables cape. It is the one before the current one. You probably already knew all this but I don't know where I have been all my life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love lamps much more than overhead lighting. Love the amethyst one from PB. I have a cute little brass lamp on the counter in my kitchen and love just that little bit of light in the corner.

Unknown said...

From the desk of Patrick Dunne –

Thanks so much for the glowing review of our little shop! Such gorgeous pictures and lovely comments. We’re thrilled to be included on such a chic and informative blog. Now we only hope we can live up to your expectations on your next visit – maybe you could come for our new shipment, arriving (fingers crossed) in May. Should be a few interesting pieces here and there. Keep up the good work!

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