Thursday, May 16, 2013

All Spruced Up!

 The Ritz-Carlton isn't the only reason to go "over the hill" to Half Moon Bay.
Two or three times a year I pay a visit to Schickenberg Nursery who specializes in ivy topiaries and the Nurseryman's Exchange next door, a wholesale nursery.

I was long overdue for some living plants in the house when I drove to the coast with the Suburban last week, ready to fill it up.

The Nurseryman's Exchange caters to florists and designers, so one is always guaranteed to find lovely arrangements like this orchid potted in a lovely brown basket weave pot.

 Schickenberg Nursery specializes in ivy topiaries like ivy birdcages, candleabras, baskets and animals.

 Although lately they're limited to balls and circles as you can see here.

 The circles last longer and are less expensive, so I ended up with quite a few!
One for the family room console.

 One on the kitchen table...

...along with two little olive trees.

Two on the kitchen windowsill...

...along with a potted sunflower to go with the rose filled demijohn on the kitchen island.

 Two on the living room mantel, right...

The red metal urns are a latest find on One King's Lane.
In fact, they're available again, here.

Yet another ivy circle for the coffee table!

The antique urn from my mother-in-law gets three mini orchid plants while Oscar supervises.

And last, but not least, the dining room gets a pretty salmon colored hydrangea.
The house is all spruced up for a few months.
Now if I can just keep them alive!

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love them all and that is my problem keeping them alive. I bought one ivy circle last year and killed it. Oscar is so adorable looking on.

Anonymous said...

I would love a visit there. Everything looks fabulous, Delores.

The enchanted home said...

Half Moon Bay is so beautiful, lucky you to live near there. Everything looks just spectacular!

Marie at the Lazy W said...

So fresh and lively, so beautiful! I love the circular topiary look, I have one in my kitchen and feel so cheered by it. Have always wanted to try an orchid, they look so elegant.
Thank you for the visuals of how impactful fresh plants can be in a clean, orderly room! xoxo Lovely.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love them. I can't seem to keep them alive, so I have been making faux, yours are amazing. Hugs, Marty

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Delores, These topiaries are just beautiful and so are the urns! I also spotted Oscar's little tail in one of the earlier shots as he was basking in the sun. Your rooms are just spectacular. I think they are just the epitome of comfortable elegance. Linda

AntiqueChase said...

I've noticed the ivy wreaths last longer than the ivy balls too... why is that????

cindy hattersley design said...

Your last comment hit I was reading this post I was thinking to myself...the hardest part for me would be keeping them alive!! It is especially hard when you have two homes!

Kathysue said...

I remember you telling about this nursery, do they require a buyers card? or can the public go there?
I love all your beautiful greenery and flowers, there is nothing like greenery to add life to a room. Your rooms are so cozy and inviting no matter what, but I do love the addition of greenery.
Happy Thursday sweet friend,
and thank you for your recommendations for Healdsburg, we had a wonderful time,

Splenderosa said...

I love living plants in my home so I can feel your joy in selecting all of these. Everything looks beautiful, especially Oscar. Just a lovely post. xx's

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Delores, I am back to tell you that two of those red urns are making their way to Connecticut! Thank you for the inspiration--they are just what I was looking for! Linda

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Ha! I bought them too Delores! Thanks for the link! Love all of you gorgeous topiaries, orchids and flowers! I am off to the nursery to get some for myself! See what you started! Telling the hubs this is all your fault! Ha! Always inspired after visiting here! Thanks!

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

Looks like you've gone mad!!! That's just the kind of craziness I like....topiaries!! Ha ha
Everything looks very fresh and inviting.

Olive said...

Gorgeous. I killed my last topiary from Trader Joe's but ivy free flowing in a pot in the window does just fine for some reason.

Cecelia said...

Love adding plants to the orchid pot. I'm gonna try that one. As for the ivies staying alive--simple, put them outside in the winter. Mine have survived even snow here on the Oregon coast with elevation at 1500'. The hydraenga WILL have to be moved outside also and depending on the type of soil, may even change color. Your house is beautimous, Delores. You have such a talent.

Botanic Bleu said...

Love circle have wonderful containers for them!

I am following and invite you to visit my blog.


RobinfromCA said...

You are so right, Half Moon Bay is so much more than The Ritz Carlton! Love all of your plants! Hmmm...the last few times I've driven 'over the hill' I've headed south. You've inspired me to go to HMB next time!
Have a lovely weekend,

Melanie said...

Your home is gorgeous. Just read your post about Half Moon Bay, also. A few years ago for our 25th anniversary, my husband and I flew into SF and rented a car...Half Moon Bay was one of the towns we drove to and spent the day. LOVED that town! So gorgeous. That hotel looks like something out of a movie...I think I need a return trip. :-)

Mimi said...

Wow- so pretty- they make a house so alive!

Marsha said...

I love plants-- especially ivy topiaries. I have have better luck with my ivy outside so they don't get spidermites. Do you have a problem with those pests?

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