Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Outdoor Furniture Restoration Project

 The thing with teak is that it requires maintenance.
Unless you don't mind the natural gray that teak turns after a season outside.
Personally, I think it looks dirty!

Our teak furniture in Asti has never been cleaned, so a few weekends ago, with several gallons of 30 Seconds on hand, we decided to restore our teak furniture to its original color.

The main reason being that all the Sunbrella cushions disintegrated after 5 years and needed to be replaced.

It was an all day job, but very rewarding.

Even though this color won't last long, it is nice to know that the new cushions are going on the clean teak.

The "nude"chaises look kind of cool...

...but I can't wait to get the new cushions!
I played around with the pillows above, but unfortunately they're not Sunbrella.
Only Sunbrella or acrylic fabric will hold up to the outdoor elements.

But even Sunbrella will do this after 5 years or so.
I absolutely love our old fabric, but after a year of looking, I gave up trying to find it and settled for something similar, yet different.

 I ended up choosing two different fabrics for the cushions and am tying them together with fringed throw pillows in complimentary fabrics.

The chaise cushions will be Sunbrella's "Maxim Cocoa" stripe.

The sofa and chair cushions will be solid green Sunbrella "Cilantro."
I'm excited about the floral and geometric fabric for the pillows that are on order from Ballard Designs.
Stay tuned for the final reveal.

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Katherine said...

The teak is perfect for your property - it looks timeless. I would sit on the lounge and never get anything done if that was my view. Stunning.

Unknown said...

I need to do mine too... I live in Arizona and the sun and heat is so hard on teak furniture... But the metal furniture is SO HOT TO SIT ON! Ouch! I need to order new cushions for my loungers too. Spendy... Looks beautiful... You guys did a great job!

Rainey @ The Project Table

Mary Ann Pickett said...

What a heavenly spot to relax!

La Dolfina said...

Seriously stunning views!!!
Love the look of the cleaned up teak... your new cushions will be the piece de resistance!

xinex said...

I love it all!...Christine

La Table De Nana said...

I've looked everywhere for your 30 seconds here in the Mtl QC no avail..
One day in Fl I will find..Everything looks beautiful..Outdoor furniture is always so much maintenance here..the winter.. Spring w/ the helicopters fall from teh trees.. always something! Plus Rain rain rain!

cindy hattersley design said...

Dolores you will love that cocoa stripe. It is so versatile. It looks great with everything. I have it at my lake house and I think our homes are similar in color! I have to try that 30 seconds...that stuff must be amazing!

Karena said...

Hi Delores Your teak is beautiful and isn't it fun to pick out the pillows. They really complete the look!

2013 Designers Series
Art by Karena

Unknown said...

Those look wonderful, but your yard and your view are to die for! I would never want to leave. Cleaning all that furniture would be a major job, but like you, I would not have wanted to put brand new beautiful cushions on dirty furniture. I know they will look great when you get them.

Kathysue said...

Loving the direction you are going, STRIPES!!! Yay!!! Green YAY!!! It is going to be gorgeous and Boy what a difference on your chaises. Love the raw wood.
Thanks for your emails today!
The saga continues in my blog post tomorrow!! xo Kathysue

Curtains in My Tree said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation resort spot

Sheila said...

Love it. Your outdoor space is a dream. Also, wanted to let you know, has the indoor/outdoor green and white striped fabric you are looking for at only $7.63 a yard.

vignette design said...

Thanks for the tip Sheila. That green stripe fabric is polyester though and only holds up for one season. I learned the hard way! Acrylic lasts much longer and is what Sunbrella is made of. However, the stripe would work for outdoor pillows and such that can be easily moved outdoors when entertaining.

Babs said...

Your teak looks great after it's "bath". Thanks for recommending the 30 Seconds product. I'll check it out. Looking forward to seeing your new cushions. Love the swatches.

Mimi said...

I can't get past the view- what a heavenly property!

Sarah said...

Going to be gorgeous! The squirrels rip into our cushions for the batting, so we need to have new ones made ~ again! Love these color choices. ;-)

Julio Muao said...

Wow! I love the grey weathered look on Teak but you are so right, the original look is better looking. Great job Delores. I also love your fabric choices. The green you've chosen is a perfect compliment to the wood tone of the furniture. I cannot wait to see the new cushions. Have a great week Delores! xoxo

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Love your outdoor living area- just beautiful!!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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