Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Got Candlelight?

 Yesterday it occurred to me that I seldom light candles anymore.
Which is weird because I used to light candles every night.

Candlelight was present at every meal.

Candlelight was part of every tablescape I created.

 In Asti, candlelight was everywhere, making for a romantic ambiance that I truly miss.

 I hung candles in Mason jars from the Mulberry tree.
I remember their flickering flame and vanilla scent.

Warm summer nights...

...made even more special and romantic with candlelight.

So what happened?
Why did I stop lighting candles?

What could possibly replace the glow from a candle?

 The discovery two years ago of faux candles that not only flicker, but are made from real wax and even have a vanilla scent.
I bought them by the armful from Costco for a party and then later integrated them into my house.
Here they are marching up the stairs.

I put them on windowsills.

And on the table.

 And then I forgot how much I love real candles, because there are advantages to faux candles.
For instance, they won't start a fire if left unattended.
And they turn on automatically.
I have to admit, this is why I stopped lighting real candles!

 Also, the granddaughters love to play with them!

 However, they can't replace this!

How do you feel about faux candles, or are you still "old school" and light real ones?
Do you think it's ok to combine the two?
Either way, I'm making a promise to myself to start lighting real candles once again!

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Unknown said...

I stopped lighting candles too! I am not sure why....summer? I have a whole closet full! I think maybe I got in a too busy mode.
I really enjoyed your post! It woke me up. I am going to start lighting more candles. Their scents are heavenly in a home. Thanks for the reminder!
Blessings My Friend,

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

It's funny, I tend to only light candles when we have company. I need to start lighting them more often.

Kathysue said...

Love candles! I find I light more in the winter than in the summertime. Except outside on my patio in the summer I light real candles. I love both types for the same reasons you do. BUT, I agree nothing like the flickering of a flame. I always know it is time to bring out my winter decor when I start lighting candles in the house. It usually starts when football season starts.
Enjoy your candlelight sweet D!
xo Kathysue

Anonymous said...

When we finished the patio, last month, I decided to use real candles and so happy I did.

I do like the battery powered candles also, especially when our little g'kids are here. But, there is just nothing like real candlelight glow.

Anonymous said...

I honestly done have any battery powered candles and now that I know there are scented ones I might try them. I always have candles on our table and night and rarely a night goes by that they remain unlit.

Meg@OliverandRust said...

i am totally old school. real candles for me whether it is just 1 or 20 they make me feel at home.

Unknown said...

Oh thanks for all these beautiful pictures of candles and the wonderful glow they give! I love candles as well. I love the real candles! I love to light them outside on a summer evening and light many during the fall and winter months.

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

I am a real candle lover, but I also have a ton of useful and safe! They have made great strides in realism and the timers are the best!!!!! Jane

Katherine said...

I used to go through IKEA tea lights buy the bucket - and they burn the longest. We moved into a temporary home while search for another house and I just didn't wrap my head around placing candles around.
Just recently I've started to light them again and it reminded me of how much I enjoy that little golden flicker tucked in special places throughout the house and garden.
My favourite is a tea light candle in green glass holders - it casts a different shadow that somehow seems romantic and aged.

laney said...

...I know this about candles...but...please please please don't ever change your stair runner...I love it...blessings laney

carolyn bradford said...

I use the faux candles at the shop…except we do sell Lafco candles and we ALWAYS have one burning! People walk in and it literally makes them buy one! They last forever! I still do light candles a lot…probably 3-5 times a week. It just makes me feel better! Great post!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You've convinced me to at least get SOME be worry free. Love your photos.

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Your candlelit pics are so pretty! Have you tried these candles?

They are faux but with what looks like a real flickering flame - so realistic. I only have 2 because they are expensive but just love them and the timer on them is ideal. Still burn the real thing though as well!


Alycia Nichols said...

The safety issue has long been a source of contention at our house...especially after the wind caught up a tablecloth on the deck and caught the table on fire about 3 or 4 years ago!!! I have both LEDs and the real deal, and I like them both. I guess it depends on the occasion, where the candles are going to be located, and if the party is windy it is!!! :-)

Rachel said...

I love the glow from a real candle but I'm too afraid of a fire after I singed the silk lining of a lamp shade with a candle. Fortunately, I was sitting next to it and stopped it before it became a major catastrophe.

Sarah said...

Interesting post, Delores. I love real candles, but rarely light them here. I had a close call on Christmas Ev when the sleeve of my sweater caught fire while I was serving coffee at the table. Fortunately I wasn't burned, but the sleeve went up in flames, which frightened everyone at the table. Now I only burn candles within a large hurricane or better yet use the LED. Another fear I have of using real candles, is I know someone who was badly burned while blowing out a candle. The was had pooled as liquid and basically exploded. Gotta be careful! ~ Sarah

Unknown said...

I love real candles and buy them frequently but rarely burn them. Don't know why - I think I just forget they are there - they tend to blend into the landscape LOL I like the faux candles but seem to never be able to find the exact size or color I need. I have some but don't "burn" them much anymore either LOL Hmmmmmmmmmm I think I need an attitude adjustment!

Sue said...

I think candles are a lot like plants in the real vs faux area. And in both instances I prefer the real deal, and I light real candles every day, but I also use some faux too, as the quality has improved, in both candles and greenery.

Melanie said...

I usually only light candles in the winter. Don't like the faux ones at all - only the real thing! :-)

Southerncook said...

I always use real candles and light them everyday. I just love the ambience that real candles give a room in the evening. When I am home I always have a candle lit on the end of my island whether in daytime or evening, I love the fragrance and for my kitchen I usually go with something you would naturally smell in a kitchen such as orange/vanilla, meyer lemon, right now I have a lemongrass candle burning in the kitchen. There is only one time I use a faux candle, I have a very large cherub greeting people by my front steps and she is holding up a holder kind of like the Statue of Liberty and I always use a faux candle there for her to light the way to my front door. Even on my farmhouse front porch I use real candles since it is covered. So yes, I am definitely old school and love real candles.

Carolyn/A Southerners

Teresa said...

I'm old school and have never used a faux candle. I have an obvious love of candles as they grace every room in my house including the outdoor space, but after seeing your lovely photos I plan to visit my local Costco and purchase these gems. How great that you can set them on a timer! I think I'll mix it up and display both faux and real candles. Thanks for bringing such a great idea to "light!"

Jaybird said...

I LOVE faux candles....the princess Posie cat can't burn the house down if I use those :^)
However, since I am not a vanilla fan, I buy scentless fauxs, and then chop up all of my lovely scented real candles and melt them in my wax melters. I think that constitutes the best of both worlds :^)
Your pictures are beautiful...thanks for a great post!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I use candles more in the winter I always burn a scented candle in my kitchen while baking

and I have the faux candles I use them a lot when the electricity goes out ,set them all around my bedroom to see to get to the refrigerator LOL

I LOVE your leopard steps OMG Love them !!!!!!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

I love the battery powered candles that have a built in timer and come on at the same time every day. Amazing! Why didn't I think of that? While I'm not a fan of scented candles on a dining table, serving food, (I'd rather enjoy the aroma of the food), I made the plunge at the Las Vegas Market on Monday and bought the Votivo line of soy candles, for my shop.
Here's to the real deal!,

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