Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Ultimate List For 2014: #5 Get More Organized

I could just throw in the towel on this one because I'm organizationally challenged!
But, for 2014 I will once again try and get it together.

I will tackle my pantry so that it will look like this...

...Instead of this!

I will tackle my kitchen junk drawer so that it looks like this...

 ...Instead of this!
We all have the proverbial junk drawer, but I have more than one!

I love the look of an organized cupboard or drawer but it just isn't a reality in our house.
I'd like to think it's because we have too much stuff, but also we have a big family and everything ends up either in the garage or is still in the closets.
It's time to get rid of it all!

Don't judge!
This is what happens when your garage is the dumping ground from your mother-in-law's downsizing, your four grown children's belongings and leftovers from college apartments and your husband's fishing and camping equipment.  Not to mention my problem with rugs and pillows.  And dishes!
It has also become the "staging area" for everything that is being purged from the home until it can be determined whether it is being donated or taken to the dump.

This is my garage goal.
To organize everything on shelving units like this one or similar.
Each shelf will have its own category; fishing, gardening, Christmas, extra dish storage and supplies. 
Nothing in the middle, so all the rolled up rugs must be donated.
I know it can be done and little by little, I'm chipping away at it.

Are you organizationally challenged?
Or unlike me, do you possess the organizing gene?
I welcome any and all tips!
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Sonia said...

Love the beautifully organized spaces in the photos. The chalkboard containers are great and a pretty way to store things. Would love to have them in my pantry. I'm sure your garage will be gorgeous when you get finished with it!

Sheila @ Maison de Cinq said...

Oh my gosh, I am sooo glad you showed your garage photo! Mine looks very similar! I am constantly re-doing and changing things out, so it is full of rolled up rugs, LOTS of artwork, and many, many picture frames and vases! I donate the cheaper stuff, but my problem is a lot of mine is vintage and I just don't have the heart to send actual antiques/vintage items to the Good Will! I keep saying I will have a sale, but haven't braved it yet!! I did donate enough to clear out the middle though!

Good Luck!

Stacey said...

I'm just laughing that your list is so similar to mine. My junk drawer had me fussing earlier today. It's definitely on my list. My pantry is large but I stared the other day and realized it could be so much better.

Kathysue said...

I am with you on this on D! I am organized by nature but we creative types just have too much stuff.I know you will have this organized in no time. I am just like you, I am chipping away at mine, there is no way I could go full throttle on this project. Oh my we have lots to do.Actually your garage looks better than mine. I think we both need to find a good way to store pillows. I put mine in boxes but it takes up so much room and only holds 3-4 pillows. If you have any good ideas let me know. Good luck, remember we have to hold each other accountable. I guess I should send you a picture of my mess and then you will feel MUCH better about your situation. LOL

Kristen Rettig said...

I am spending the next week organizing and helping my 84 mother clean out her house. I go over in the morning and stay the day. I bring her a drawer and set it in front of her. She goes through it and has a trash can near her. She hands the rest to me and we are slowly putting all the batteries in one place, all the candles, etc. It's a mess right now and for one more week, but when we're done she will find her life a lot easier. Because she was so unorganized, she couldn't find anything so she re-bought things she already had and has numerous duplicates and triplicates of things! Lots of things to donate. Also, taking everything out of the kitchen, shelf by shelf, and besides tossing and donating, we are washing each piece. Today we are going to tackle the bathroom! Good luck with yours!

rogers creek farm said...

Thank you for sharing the photo of your garage! I often wonder what the hidden spaces of talented designers such as yourself look like!
We have recently moved into our retirement home after having moved 16 times due to my husband's active duty military assignments. He's still got a few more years before he will officially retire, but all our stuff is now permanently in our new home. I am consumed with getting rid of all the stuff we've shoved into some deep dark corner in our previous homes, usually due to the fact that we were only there for such a short time! If it hasn't served a purpose in recent years, it will not be a permanent resident. Our kids (we have 4) are on the cusp of spreading their wings and finding their own way, only one still in high school. Their things will be stored in large tubs and put into respective storage corners! With the hope that they will collect their things before too long.
Love your ideas, especially the storage shelf on wheels for the garage. May 2014 see you realize your goals!!! Thankfully there's 365 days, right?

Glenda/MidSouth said...

When you finish yours, let me know and I will give you directions to my place. I'll serve you a nice lunch and place to relax when you need to take a break.:D
I was much more organized when I worked. Now? Not so much.

Victoria said...

I don't have any junk drawers and my pantry is well organized (spices in alphabetical order, all labels facing front, etc.). BUT I have too much stuff -- pillows, silver, dishes, antiques, decorative items, collectables, etc, etc, etc.

So my plan for the next few months is to organize each closet and cabinet where I have stored the overflow; take a hard look at each item; decide what I really love and sell or donate the rest. Of course you know the old saying "The best laid plans...Wish me luck. I will do the same for you.

XO, Victoria

Unknown said...

I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one who has a dumping ground. Maybe your "after" photos will inspire me.

Joan said...

I will be following closely as your garage looks just like mine. Please do post your progress! It's freezing in my garage right now, but it's on my list.

Melissa said...

It looks like you need a garage or clearing sale Delores. Notify family members that they have until sale day to come and rescue their belongings and trawl through Mum's downsized cast offs, put the good vintage items on eBay and then do the garage sale. At the end of the day or weekend take what is left to your favourite charity. In the interest of marital harmony however, don't ditch the husband's camping and fishing stuff. The garage is where they belong along with the car! Don't forget, if you really wanted it, it would be inside and not dumped in the garage.

Lisa Odom said...

Two of my three daughters just graduated from college and brought ALL of their things HOME. I am so glad you shared the picture of your garage, mine looks just like yours! i also have a dish collection problem and cannot wait to turn one of their bedrooms into a dish closet!! Can't wait for them to find jobs so they can get apartments! Ha!

I really do not get the organized junk drawer. How is that possible?

Zoe said...

You are a woman after my own heart. I too have a garage where the stuff has taken over and I have vowed that this is the year to get organized and unneeded items donated to our local Humane Society Thrift Store. Your home is beautiful and your garage looks like a treasure chest in my eyes - boy could I have fun shopping in your garage!


Terri~terrileeauthor said...

Little by little I've been getting there over the years. It just feels good to not have so much STUFF. Now I try very hard not to purchase something unless I think I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it, not just like it. Unless of course it's a small reasonably priced little accessory....uh oh here I go again.

sugarcreek said...

Luckily I don't have a garage that looks like yours...because I belong to the no-garage club. But my shed is filled to the door (literally, there's only enough space to open the door) and my two storage rooms are bursting at the seams. I'm in the process of thinning out the piles. My tastes have changed, projects I'll never get to, things that just bore me. You can do it too. Set aside thirty minutes a day to clear one pile at a time.

Unknown said...

Your garage made me laugh out loud. I've gotten rid of so many things over the last couple of years but I still have so much "stuff." All 3 of my kids have their own places now but I still have no room. My goal for the year is to carve out my own space somewhere in the midst of 3 kids' rooms and a music room. I get protests each time I bring it up.

Carol S. said...

My tip? Set the bar low. My public places are mostly neat and that makes me happy. I purge more as I age, and that helps. I moved a year ago and that helped tremendously. If rather set a pretty table I can see everyday than organize a drawer! Enjoying your series.

gme said...

Moving is the best remedy for getting rid of unwanted stuff. I had 2 garage sales and a commercial dumpster full of junk. We downsized into a different home last spring and now my life feels so much lighter and housecleaning is so much less tedious since I don't have so much clutter. My motto now is nothing comes in unless something goes out and it seems to work pretty well. I'm getting to the point I don't want to be bogged down with knicknacks any more. I still love the cozy feel in my home with pattern and color, I just use less "filler".

Jaybird said...

I'm right there with you sistah'.
HOWEVER...just think how much MORE junque you can get into an area if it is piled!! To be neatly organized, wastes a bunch of space!
"if a little is good,
and a lot is better...
then way too much is
just about right!" :^)
Blessings to you,

The Tablescaper said...

Oh, good luck. I too am tackling these issues but they take such perseverance.

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Dawna (Stitches from the Tub) said...

I love the picture of your garage, if only mine were that clean. I was getting a handle on it at one point and then our water heater decided to release its pressure. At least I can get one vehicle in there.
The pantry has been organized so many times, but it seems the dear husband doesn't think it as important as I do. He has so many other good points, I just have it on my permanent list.
Good luck on your adventure. The rest of your house is always so lovely for us to view.

Kathryn Bechen said...

I just found your blog and it's beautiful, as is your home! I am enjoying it very much. I live in San Diego and I write organizing books that will help you with your need here. :) I see one of your commenters follows my blog too.

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