Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Ultimate List For 2014: #7 Explore More

 Come on, let's pack our bags, bring our cameras and leave this town!

I hear adventure calling and have made a resolution for 2014 to explore more.
Yes, it seems I've acquired a bit of Wanderlust!

Whether exploring our City...

...Or going on a road trip, the idea is to go on an adventure.
Lots of them!

I have a few trips up my sleeve for this year, from Paris to Boston and everywhere in-between!
Some are still a fantasy and some are being planned.
The excuses are no longer valid, because life is too short to not get out and explore.

"Traveling--it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." ~Ibn Battuta

Where do you want to explore this year?
What stories do you hope to tell?

Let's go!

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Sweet Woodruff said...

Sigh. Such a pretty post. Let's go!!

Rebecca said...

Yes! Let's! I can't wait to see where YOUR wanderlust takes you.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I am ready. Anywhere would be good. Hugs, Marty

Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle said...

I love to travel! This year, we are planning a trip to Miami and the Florida Keys; I've never been to either and am so excited.

Candy S said...

The Dali Lama is a very wise man. I am not the one to offer any argument to his wise words. I have traveled all of the East Coast and throughout our great Southern States. Now I want to go to the Pacific Northwest and take a cruise to see the glaciers (before they melt completely), and then I want to see Seattle and visit our friends out there. On the way I want to see Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills and every state between Ohio and Washington. This is my dream trip, I want to be able to say that I have traveled to every state in this great country of ours. For sure this trip is on my bucket list.

Melissa said...

A resolution I would love to make top of my list every year. When one travels, every sense is alert and open to the new, and you live fully in the moment. It is wonderful and challenging to explore another country, smell it's unique smells, hear the language, grapple with communication, taste the exotic foods and even notice the different quality of light and feel of the air.
It is also great to explore your own homeland, and the second to last photo was a lovely reminder of the treasures that are sitting right under noses as this is a lovely mountain drive not more than 1 1/2 hours from my home. Those majestic trees are the Mountain ash which is a eucalyptus and it is located in the hills just to the north of Melbourne, Australia.

Sarah said...

There are many places we would like to explore. The Florida Keys are top of our list. We've never been, but friends spent several weeks exploring there this fall. They've inspired us.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

We are just a block away from Lombard. Come have lunch! We were just saying that we would like to use airline miles to go to Turkey or Berlin or Argentina...the whole fam is in the discussion. Oh course, my husband want Italy...the food!

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

I don't know where I'll go...but I need to go somewhere. Out, away.... there is so much to be seen. I know I'll be enthralled with the pictures you share from where ever you roam.

Unknown said...

I could be packed in no time flat! Travel is at the top of my to do list this year and I want to head southeast and then southwest.

Mr Paul said...

What a wonderful plan for the year ahead Delores. We are already planning a few trips this year. I've also discovered the joys of adventure right on your doorstep too, we have so much going on right where we live but we always seem to forget. Happy adventures! Paul

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