Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eating And Drinking Our Way Through Paris!

 What can I say, I love room service!
There's nothing like waking up to coffee and croissants which we managed to do almost every day in Paris!
Except for the day we ate breakfast at McDonalds which was very good!

We even splurged and had a proper tea in the afternoon.
Quite civilized and lovely.

Another splurge was chocolat chaud on a rainy afternoon.
The French know how to make the best hot chocolate!

 Lunch at Ralph's was a very forgettable chicken dish.
I should have ordered the hamburger!

 One of our memorable dinners was at La Société, beginning with a very dirty martini before dinner.

An asparagus and artichoke salad....

...followed by escargot!

Of course a beautiful bottle of wine was de rigeuer!

I've never eaten so much butter!
Butter on French bread is divine!

Eating and drinking our way through Paris was very fun but now I need to go on a post-Paris diet!
Can someone please tell me why French women aren't overweight?
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Judy said...

all the food and drinks look devine! your first photo reminds me of the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are eating their breakfast ordered from room service.

whenever we are on vacation I always order room service!

Unknown said...

Because they practice moderation and walk everywhere they go. I adore french bread & butter!

Unknown said...

p.s. Will you email me if you're interested in writing a guest travel post for my blog. This trip would be perfect!


my blog: http://bluemopheads.blogspot.com

Kathysue said...

They walk it all off, I never walked so much in all my life. I lost weight on my trip and I ate whatever I wanted. Their butter is soooo creamy and the cheese and the bread, Oh my. We had pastries or crog monsieur every morning too. Your pictures make me want to go back for the wonderful food. So happy that you had a wonderful time D!!

Bonnie said...

Lovely food and drink indeed! Oh, I love Paris! Glad you had a fabulous time.

I can't wait to go again.

Michele Smith said...

There is a book titled, french women dont get fat! Lol

Preppy Empty Nester said...

I am so enjoying having a birds eye view of your Paris trip! Now I can't wait to go! Love your blog!I'm your newest follower.

Michael Hampton said...

Portion control I think is key!

Unknown said...

Looks Divine! I love Paris! Pretty dishes for room service, how spoiled you must have felt! Looks like a wonderful trip.

Lisekristine.blogg.no said...

Portion control and a lot of walking.. and fresh home made food!

In America it is just too easy to pull up to a McDonald... Im glad Im going back to Norway in a few days! Can feel the pounds getting stuck to my McDonald car eating behind...:)


Terri~terrileeauthor said...

I love room service, too. And the pic of your little table is simply divine. Such attention to detail.
Everything looked pretty yummy, except the escargot. I'll pass. :)

Lesa said...

Love the "V" pat of butter. Vanderbilt fan here! Everything looked delicious as well as beautiful!

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