Saturday, October 25, 2014

Decorating A Rental

It's been a long time since we have lived in a rental.
We bought our first house 27 years ago and I couldn't wait to paint, wallpaper and just decorate my heart out after years of renting, and now here we are again, in a rental!
The question begs, do I try to make our temporary home my own or just not care?
Can we live with an ugly dining room chandelier that we are constantly hitting our head on?

Can I make peace with the blue walls in the kitchen?
Do I plant flowers?

Do I unpack all my books?
The answer is yes, yes and yes.
I'm making peace with the blue kitchen walls but I unpacked the books because they give me comfort.
I'll definitely plant flowers in the pots outside!
The chandelier?  Well, I'm not sure yet!

I highly recommend taking the effort to make your home your own, even if you are renting.
If the landlord is ok with switching out a light fixture, then by all means do it.
Likewise if you are up to the task of painting walls, and the landlord agrees, then have at it.
Hang your favorite pieces of art.
Just know that you will have to fill those holes later and may even have to paint the walls again when you move out.
It just really depends on what you can live with.

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Sarah said...

Absolutely make it your own! I remember rental apartment days from my single years. I always hung artwork. Couldn't live without it!
Seeing your plate makes me smile. ~ Sarah

carolyn bradford said...

Oh, I definitely would have to do something to make it my own I think! Freedom from not having to do that sounds nice in a way but I know if it were me living there and doing this I probably wouldn't feel that way. By the way…I sold a majolica plate just like that today in my shop! Loved that plate!


Yes Delores, go ahead and make it look your own with your wonderful decorating so you can feel happy and "at home!" When we were first married we lived in two rentals and I always immediately painted them, and right away that made it look like 'my home' was ready to live in.
Thanks for sharing your feelings.

Sherry said...

I have been a little lax about fixing things up and making them my own and we live in our own house. Doing what you can to make the place you live your homes is so important.

angie said...

wow, schöne bilder!!! einen schönen sonntag wünscht angie aus deutschland

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh i so agree, make it feel like home to you while you are there.

Unknown said...

Yes!! Make it your own. I remember we did a brief stint as renters when we were newly weds. The owners varied when we were leaving. We made changes, took care of their place like it was our own. It was a home when we left it.

Unknown said...

After years of owning my own home I too am now renting. I have to laugh because I also have been living with blue walls, but mine are in my den. After a year I finally hung my chandelier and what a difference that made. Now that our landlord is replacing all the windows we can paint. Yay! So yes, make that rental your home and enjoy.

Cyndy said...

So happy to get an update on how things are going, I check the blog every day! :) I love the paisley shawl or table cloth on your round side table. I'll bet no one would even notice the wall colors with all your pretty, elegant touches!

Katherine said...

I changed out all of the ugly lights when we rented - and took them down when we moved out. It was so worth the effort because the house reno took longer than expected and at least the rental was cozy.
Painting a bit and hanging some of our artwork made it feel more like home.

Anonymous said...

Have only glanced at the replies; however.....I am "singing to the choir"!!

I once lived in a "rental" for six months.....and had to( re-wallpaper the hallway) The landlord refused to was okay......I loved it..and it sold for way more than it would have because of that divine wallpaper!

When we moved to Montecito...we had to find a rental so fast! All were horrible...we rented the worst house in the zip code!
I could not cook dinner nor eat dinner in this place was the WORST!!!!

We stayed there one year...and moved to a lovely "rental";

We have continued to go out to dinner every night.....17 years later.......we didn't really need a kitchen......but Adam cooks breakfast.....and we have lunch most days.....and we love our kitchen!

INteresting post about rentals....a very good topic!!

As always, Delores!!!


Anonymous said...

Get rid of the offending chandelier can always put it doesn't make even a hole!

Hang your art.....(say I) however...I have to say....I put all of our stuff in storage when we lived in the "house from hell"; I kept thinking if I brought things I would get got worse.

I was much younger then!!! 50!!! 17 years ago! I was not sure I would survive!

EEEEK!!! this all brought back memories....and it makes me appreciate our house we built all the more!!

(and our second rental was heaven!!!)

Great post!!!

Unknown said...

Do what you can to surround yourselves with things you love and bring you joy. Yes...switch out the chandelier! My sister and her hubby have lived in rented condos for 25 years. It's just a personal choice. However, they are fantastic decorators and their place is so beautiful...home is where the heart is.

cindy hattersley design said...

I Gree with mary completely! I would be too lazy to remove the chandelier! I know you won't be there long!!

Karen said...

I agree 100%! Have fun making your rental your own and don't forget to share with us (fans of your style). :-)

Leslie @ Segreto Secrets said...

You have done such a great job with your rental so far! I enjoy all of the updates!!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Carol S. said...

I would probably bump into that light too, because I'd be too busy admiring the charming table display. Good riddance to that obstacle! Lots of good feedback here. I'm not very patient...

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

I so agree...make it your own!! Your rental looks amazing Delores!!

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