Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm Floored!

One of the hardest decisions I had to make was to say goodbye to this beautiful parquet floor.
It's original to the house, circa 1935. 
They just don't make floors like this anymore.

Because we are vulnerable to earthquakes in this part of the City, we had to lay a layer of plywood over the floor to strengthen the house in case of the big one.
A new hardwood floor will now go over the plywood, so I actually can create a new pattern, a new floor.

Of course, I want to duplicate the original pattern, but it would be too expensive.

It killed me to see this plywood after it was layed and I'll admit, I lost a little sleep while brainstorming what to do.
I'm surprised Pinterest didn't max out with my "hardwood floor ideas" search!
So far, I'm thinking of just running the boards the length of the living room but create a pattern in the dining room and entry only.
As my contractor keeps reminding me, this is a chance to make the floors even better!
I'm not so sure...

Any suggestions?

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Lori E said...

Maybe you could do a different wood border around the room about 8 inches in from the walls. This would show the great shape of the room.

primrosesattic said...

Oh that would of broken my hear as well.

Marian said...
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Katherine said...

Our contractor wanted to lay a pattern with our new wood floors (all the contractors are artists in their mind). I almost went with herringbone. Then I realize that we have wonderful furniture - some of which have inlaid wood, etc. We felt that the pattern floors would be too much and distract from the room. So glad we had the floors laid without a pattern. People compliment the beauty of the floors all the time, but it doesn't distract.

A friend had each room with a boarder of wood. But it looks like it was an afterthought and doesn't allow the rooms to flow. She hates it.

Jacqueline said...

It might be a stretch, but have you considered PAINTING the floors with a parquet pattern? A very good artist could replicate the look right on top of your plywood. Depends on the cost and how much traffic the room will get.

Sarah said...

Delores, I can see from the photos how beautiful the floors are. It does seem heartbreaking to have to cover them with plywood. I like your contractor's attitude. Though not easy to accept that a problem can be an opportunity, it's a healthy approach to life. ;-)
Both our first home and our current home were built in the 30s, so we embrace hardwood floors. Ours are planks, not parquet. If the floors are going to be covered with a carpet, the design will disappear anyway. The oval entry lends itself to a pattern. I know you will come up with the perfect solution. Your design skill and eye for detail will not fail you!

Phacts said... ?

Sharon said...

Oh, my, such a beautiful parquet. We faced the same problem and had the floor sanded and re-surfaced. It is pristine and so beautiful.

Maria C said...

The old floors are beautiful, but in my book beauty has to come after function. In this case, ensuring your safety and that of the house in case of "the big one" is absolutely essential. Just keep reminding yourself of that as you mourn the old flooring. The simplicity of plank wood flooring has its own merit. You might come to love it!

Thehouseofhampton said...

I'm in the flooring business. I also love vintage. I can back up your decision here! You absolutly made the right choice and it is an opportunity to create something better. Just think...what you do, and done with intergity, can last for the next 60 yrs!!! Nail it! No pun intended here.
The House of Hampton

Unknown said...

Perhaps a lovely pattern in your entry, maybe even duplicating the original floor, and then laying it straight elsewhere.

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