Friday, September 11, 2015

A Visit To Boston Restoration Hardware

One of the highlights of our trip to Boston was discovering the Restoration Hardware Gallery at the Historical Museum of Natural History.  

 It's an amazing building with an amazing history.  RH totally restored the building and created the most gorgeous gallery of rooms, on four levels.

At the San Francisco design center, there is a gorgeous RH, but this one in Boston is just beyond.
Even though I've seen everything on display here, it is just wonderful to see their product in a new light.

Mr. A loved this room most of all!

This was my favorite room!
I love canopy beds, what can I say?

And crystal chandeliers!

Here's the dining table I'm still considering.  Love it piled with succulents.

Downstairs in the basement, I was impressed with their baby and child decor.
And was reminded we are in Red Sox country!
For more information about Boston Restoration Hardware, watch the video below:

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Merlyn Corcoran said...

What an elegant, painstaking, amazing transformation! I can remember when that building was the home of Bonwit Teller and then LouisBoston - great retail history there!

gme said...

Looks like such a fun trip!

Lori E said...

Holy smokes...I want that and that and that and some of those and one of those and, and, and.
Soooo how are are you going to take all that home with you?

twinkle garg said...

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liparifam said...

I just visited the flagship RH store in Atlanta last weekend - SIX floors! Unbelievable. The kids and baby floor is my favorite :) However, the outdoor spaces weren't as pretty as they are at the Houston store...

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