Monday, August 24, 2015

I Really Tried!

The chairs arrived from One King's Lane and I really tried to love them!
What's not to love?  They're upholstered in a camel colored linen, similar to burlap, the legs are limed and they're over 100 years old.  

Here's what they meant by "limed" legs.  The legs look to me like they were just half stripped of their paint.  I would have preferred a solid wood.

The fabric is not a warm color at all.  In fact it looks dead in my house.
Granted, it is beautiful and would work somewhere else, but not with what I'm planning for the new house.  I was hoping for a warmer color. 

I thought about reupholstering just the cushion in leather and stripping the legs, but at the end of the day, it's all about comfort.  
Mr. A tested the chairs for comfort and they failed!
He said he couldn't imagine eating a long, relaxing dinner sitting in this chair!
I guess that's because they're over 100 years old?
Thankfully, OKL will accept returns.
So, back to the drawing board!

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Sarah said...

Glad you can return them. The chef has "chair comfort" rules too. It's important!
Good luck with the search. Love the look you are after, Delores.

Cyndy said...

Grrrr! So disappointing! Well, if it's any consolation, I ordered one dozen vintage Duckloe Windsor chairs from a dealer through ebay only to realize once they arrived that they're all ARMchairs which will not fit where I wanted them to go. Now I have to get a table built to accommodate them!

Marlis said...

I'm so sorry and glad too that OKL now accepts returns! They are beautiful chairs, but if they fail the comfort test, no amount of redo will make them better. Can't wait till you find the perfect fit!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I have been down that road a million times. Something looks and sounds fabulous in print, then not when you get it home. Good luck, you will find the peerfect thing. Marty

gme said...

To be perfectly honest, the fabric didn't really look like it would hold up very well anyway. Looked like a pretty loose weave. You will find the perfect chairs soon and we all just can't wait to see them!!!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Ohhhh, yes, comfort at all costs. Especially for lovely, fine dining.
There are restaurants I will not frequent because of their chairs. Seriously. So in your home they must be LOVED X10 !!!

Kathysue said...

They sure are pretty though!! Good luck as the journey continues!! YOU know exactly what you want, you will find it!!

Martha said...

You are fortunate -- send them away and get something that you truly love and something that is really comfortable -- in the end, a dinner party lasts only as long as the guests tushes are comfortable.

Dianne said...

So smart of you not to settle!!! The perfect chair is out there. :)

swedecollection said...

For dinner parties, there is nothing worse than chairs that are uncomfortable. Backs that are too straight, seats that are not deep enough, or wide enough etc. Men especially need bigger chairs and ones with springs in the seats. When I designed my chair line these were the most important qualities I wanted my chairs to be so people could sit for three hour dinners and not be grumpy. You should absolutely return them as there are thousands of designs out there that are better. Also looking at the finish on the legs, these chairs are not 100 years old. I know you will find ones that make you happy and just sing to you.

Segreto Secrets said...

I see what you mean. Onward with the hunt for beauty and function! We are all hunting with you!! xo Leslie

Sammy said...

Oh man I would have loved them only because they are 100 years old. I do really like them though.

Maria C said...

1. If they are not comfortable, forget it! 2. Burlap looks like it might damage the delicate fabric of a dress, so although it looks beautiful it may not be the best choice for upholstery. So glad you can send them back! Your perfect chairs are out there, Delores! Hang in there!

Cindy Hattersley said...

Thank goodness you could return them!! Nothing worse than uncomfortable chairs in the dining room...I had some horribly uncomfortable ones for years!

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