Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shopping For Dining Room Tables

You wouldn't think a hardware store would be a place to shop for dining room tables, but the Garrett Ace Hardware in Healdsburg actually has some very interesting tables.

At first, I was intrigued by this rustic pine table with curved ends, but it's not extendable and just a little too rustic for me.

I am in love with this round table for the kitchen, but it's too big.
Since that space is small, I can't go over 48 inches, preferably 42 inches.

This table is a classic farm table but I think I want a trestle table for the formal dining room this time.

Restoration Hardware has a black trestle table that looks interesting.  Notice the herringbone floor underneath?
Anyway, it is 84 inches by 42 inches and with extensions, increases to 120 inches.
What do you think of the color?

It also comes in a medium brown finish.

I'm in love with this table, also from RH, but unfortunately it doesn't extend.  If it did, I wouldn't hesitate buying it.  I love the dark finish too.
When not perusing various stores like Ace Hardware, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, I'm looking online.  
I found this amazing trestle table at
It is made from reclaimed wood and measures 86 inches by 39 inches.  There are two extensions, increasing the table to 120 inches long. This is what Arhaus says about this table:

"Each plank of reclaimed wood in our Kensington Table has made a winding journey around the world.  Like well-traveled companions, these tables are characterized by distinctive knots and joint lines.  They display a beautiful variance in grain and color that can't be replicated.  
And within each marking, there exists a whisper of rare history."

I'm just not sure about the width, but I like the fact that it is made from recycled wood and is not from Restoration Hardware!

  I took a chance on these chairs from One King's Lane.  Hopefully they are as good as the description:

"A beautiful set of six French mutton-leg side dining room chairs.  Newly upholstered in nubby linen, similar to burlap, with nailhead trim.  The legs have a great fluid design to them with well executed carving.  The exposed oak of the legs has been bleached and then limed." 

They are antique from 1900-1910 and I'm hoping to find the perfect table to compliment them.
As usual, I have "analysis paralysis" and cannot decide which table.
Your thoughts?

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Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I love the table from Arhaus...those chairs are fantastic too!

Katherine said...

We have the flatiron dining table from restoration. We use it outside (and I cover it to keep rain off). I like the look, but it is heavy and difficult to move around.
We have other RH products that are ok, but in generally I think they are over-rated on the quality end.

Have you considered getting a local craftsman to make a harvest table for you.

Dianne said...

Love the RH tables. I know that is not what you wanted to hear. :) The one that does not extend is my very favorite!!!!

Judy said...

I agree with Katherine (above)...I would check into have one custom made, that way you'd get the size, finish, etc. made to your specifications. said...

Love, love first the Ace Hardware table with the fuchsia decor, but I can see how it would be too rustic. My cousin has the Arhaus table and she adores it.

Unknown said...

I loved the design and looked at the RH table several times in store and at the outlet. Was not impressed with the quality (black looked painted not stained)nor the price. I don't think you'd be happy with it and I hear the returns are a nightmare. In the end, I'm having a custom table built locally (Yuba City). It'll be beautiful. Love the building updates - going to be gorgeous!

Christina said...

I'm also interested in a trestle table for my new dining room, and am considering the Ethan Allen Cameron Extension Dining Table. Best wishes with your house project!

Kathysue said...

I think the tables from restoration Hardware look too heavy for your room, they just might take over the room. The last table looks perfect to me with your chairs and the flooring you are getting. These decisions are the one's that keep us awake at night. Good luck, It's fun tagging along with you on your new journey!!


Kathysue said...

D, check this site out......

Heidi said...

Hi Delores!
I love everything that you've chosen so far for your beautiful new house!! I can't wait to see it all finished. I know what you are going through looking for the perfect everything!! Regarding your latest conundrum, I had a table for my dining room custom made by the Amish in Indiana.(Fusion Designs, available through Santa Cruz Sweet's Wood Furniture) I was able to choose the type of wood, style of pedastal, shape, size (to a point), color, stain, and I am so happy with it. The table is beautiful, well made, and was fairly priced. It will also last forever!! It's a classic design, handmade for me! It even has our name on the underside, and is numbered! My daughters have already laid claims on it for the future, probably one of the only things they will want besides the piano! Anyway, I like the idea that it came from real artisans, not a chain store, and that I had so many choices. Good luck with your decision, I know it will be perfect!
xo Heidi
PS, I like the idea of a black(ish) table with the chairs you chose. But then I am always mixing colors, wood types etc.

Unknown said...

All of the trestle tables have gorgeous lines - it just depends which color you want.
I was actually drawn into this post because of the bright pink place settings in the first picture. Do you have any details?

Anonymous said...

Which would you buy if you lived all alone? If you never had to extend for guests? I would definitely buy the one that I absolutely loved no matter what. Like many of us, you probably don't need to extend a table more than a couple of time a year. And then you can pull up an extra foldable well-clothed and set table nearby for guests. Just my thoughts on the subject. No reason to buy for others! And speaking of RH....why not? They make great products that are drop dead gorgeous most of the time. Wish I lived near Healdsburg....that place looks amazing. Kudos on such a lovely home. Kathryn

swedecollection said...

Keep in mind that the RH tables can be painted or stained any color you want -- you don't need to settle for black or brown. Expandable ones with leaves, etc. make a big difference when you have a crowd. Also, I don't like ones where the leg supports interfere with the chair and people's legs so I prefer pedestal styles. I do prefer a lighter scale table, tho, not so chunky.

Nancy said...

we bought the knock off version of the extendable trestle table from world it to pieces. its called the arcadia. a girlfriend just bought their Grayson table which also comes in an extendable version. we both have little kids and didn't want to invest the $$$$ in a RH table right now until they're older and less...destructive let's say :)

Maria C said...

Boy, can I ever relate! I am also on the hunt for a new table. I am thinking of having it custom-made in an Amish workshop. I'd like extension boards, but want the table to be self-storing. I have had some leaves ruined once when we had a lean in the roof and it seeped into the closet where they were being stored. I've seen these tables where the leaves are stored underneath and don't take up any room at all. I'm also looking for a trestle table, so I'm very interested to see what you pick out. Also, I love your chairs! Btw, have you checked out Pottery Barn? I saw some interesting tables there.

Jaybird said...

I love the Kensington table....
We have a smallish dining room with a table that is 39" X 85" open. Since I mostly serve meals buffet style, the 39" table is perfect!
I do love a nice centerpiece....something longish usually...and there is plenty of room for it. When the dining room is just sitting there looking pretty, the narrower table is perfect and easy to maneuver around.....
I am so enjoying your posts concerning your new home! It is going to be beautiful!

Lexi Keppel said...

I can't speak to the table, but my entire family room is filled with furniture from Arhaus that we purchased over 8 years ago and it has held up very well. I also like that their pieces seem to be on trend while being a little unique. Thanks for sharing this exciting journey with your readers!

Unknown said...

About a year and a half ago, I almost bought a table from Restoration Hardware. I loved it. Fortunately, I read the reviews online. They were TERRIBLE!!! I have never seen sooo many one star reviews for a company. Most people stated they would give zero stars or negative stars if they could. Just FYI. I ended up not buying a table from RH based on the reviews. I purchased one from Pottery Barn and could not have been happier with the service and the product.
Good Luck,
Michelle from

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