Friday, August 21, 2015

On The Edge

My contractor had a few countertop edge and thickness options mocked up for me to consider.
He especially wanted to know how thick I want my kitchen countertops.  I hadn't given it much thought before.  So I immediately went to Pinterest to research the option of thick countertops.

 This kitchen by Barclay Butera Interiors is close to what my kitchen will look like.  
Black countertops with white cabinets and white subway tile.  I admit, the thick counters look wonderful.

 Another example of an extra thick counter.  It definitely has a more contemporary feel, especially when using this combination of dark material with white cabs.

 I came to the conclusion that extra thick counters look best when using white marble. 
If I were using marble, I would consider this thickness.  It looks substantial and expensive! 

It's something to consider!
However, I feel with black soapstone, I'll keep the normal thickness for the kitchen.
Since I'm also using soapstone in the family room wet bar, I'm compromising and making it extra thick.  The cabinets are black and I'll keep the soapstone gray.

Another decision I need to make is the edge of the vanities.
He sent me this example to consider... well as this one.  Notice the edge is simple but there's a frame around the surface which I'm leaning towards.

Here's another example of that dented surface I love.  
The thickness is a little thin though, but you get the idea.

How about a little fancy corner?
Maybe not.
We took these photos during a research field trip to the design center many months ago.
And now it's time to actually decide.
Trying not to lose my edge here!

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Nancy said...

I like the one with the edge for sure...the thicker one (3rd pic from the bottom). just saying :) not that you asked for a vote. cant wait to see how it all turns out. have a great weekend!

Sammy said...

I think it all looks expensive! The one with the brick behind it is really petty.

Kathysue said...

I agree with all of your choices, totally, especially the interior recessed edging for the bathroom vanity. ♥♥♥ that so much!! I am getting more and more excited for you!!! I am suppose to get into our new home mid October, who knows you and I both might be moving around the same time!??
Happy Weekend,

junewl said...

i'm looking at soapstone, too: what finish have you chosen? i think mineral oil might be the most practical for me.

Thehouseofhampton said...

Looks so good. I love following along!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any comments.

I used my friend Britty's divine "cottage" in Newport, RI; as my beacon. Built in the early 1900's and Barbara Hutton owned it. ('cottage" is was 20,000 square feet!)

All bathroom counters were 36 inches high. Carrera marble counters....1 inch thick. (no fake thicknesses); and The correct proportions in every single room!

I stuck with the "classics" no "falsie" counters for me! (that is where the counter is really an inch thick; and the" lip"is thicker to give the impression of a thicker counter)!

I love what we did 18 years ago. It feels very authentic...because it is! REAL!!!

It is such fun following this!!!

(just my opinion!)

Anonymous said...

THE " "thin one is exactly what we did!) and I am thrilled with it!

"This is what makes horse races!"! As my adorable mother said!

"To each his own"!!

Go and follow you own instinct.

No one was doing one inch counters .....NO ONE...and maybe still! I LOVE THEM!!!


Maria C said...

I'm reading, and nodding my head! LOL! I love all your decisions! It's what I would have done, too! Oh, my gosh, your house is going to be incredible!

liparifam said...

Wow, glad you didn't choose the thick - I just don't like them AT ALL :( Too heavy looking, imho. I really want the exact counters you have chosen, so very excited to see how they come out!

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