Thursday, December 3, 2015

A New Look For An Old Door

One of the few things I have opted not to replace is the front door.
Not because I love it!
In fact, I don't like it at all.  It's cheap and so is the hardware. Plus, it's not even the original, which would have been wonderful.  No, the previous owner who "flipped" our house, decided to replace it with a new door.
I wish I had a better photo.  It is probably mahogany, with a rippled glass window.
To make it worse, there's an iron inset between the glass!  Ugh!

Much to my painter's dismay, I asked him to paint the door black.  Really shiny, marine paint-grade black!

I found this entry set to replace the old, cheap one.  It's bronze and will look nice against the black door.

I plan on hanging a woven wood blind on the inside of the door, which will not only give more privacy, but also I won't have to see that funky glass and iron work!

Outside, I'll hang this wreath that I just ordered from OKL.
A nice doormat and I think the first impression will be a good one.
Who knows, down the road, I may find a better door, but for now, I think I can disguise this old one!
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gme said...

I'm sure you'll make it beautiful!

Kathysue said...

Hi D! It is funny once you get in your new home it probably won't bother you. When we moved I was convinced a few things would need to be addressed and when we moved, they did not bother me at all, however there were a couple of things I had not even thought of that need to be addressed. Funny how that works. Speaking of doors, I did my front door on our new house for Christmas. I really like it. My door looks black but it actually is black with a touch of navy in it and the green wreath looks so pretty against that color. Merry Christmas,

Silvia said...

Seriously?? I like the door! Can't wait see it all done. Thanks for posting.

Marielle said...

Black is perfect. Got our boxwood wreath just before Thanksgiving at Trader Joe's. Super fresh. $9.99!

Unknown said...

I understand about it not being the door you would have wished, but maybe try re-staining first and then put several layers of gloss varnish on it? Then if you don't like it, paint it black? I have a gorgeous 8 ft. mahogany door with a large beveled and leaded glass insert I designed, and I just refinished it using special walnut stain and high gloss finish. I can't imagine painting it black. I guess by unifying the black iron insert you are hoping to make it disappear? No matter it will look lovely no matter what the decision. Your home will be gorgeous and have enjoyed watching it come together. Happy Holidays!

Nancy said...

love the new handle set! cant wait to see the door with its new paint color :)

A Toile Tale said...

Funny how "Paint it black" is often a very good solution!

Maria said...

I can't say I love the door either, but if anything can fix it is painting it black. Good call. You've bought yourself some time.

laney said...

...Christmas blessings...laney

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