Friday, September 30, 2016

Design Crush: Mark D. Sikes

All American Decorating and Timeless Style, Mark Sikes' new design book arrived last week on my doorstep.
I've been waiting awhile for this book, and it did not disappoint.
Unlike a lot of design books, every single page is wonderful eye candy!

 Mark Sikes is the king of blue and white!  The first part of the book is all blue and white decor.
The inside of the jacket features a collection blue and white porcelain, which just so happens to be my latest obsession and potential new collection!

I can't help notice that almost every room in this book has at least one piece or two of blue and white porcelain.  I love how he used it in this kitchen with terracotta and a very veined statuary marble.

 Looking through this book, I realize how much of an influence Mark Sikes has had on my design choices, like the paisley above.

I chose a similar paisley drape for my kitchen, although a John Robshaw print, you can see the similarities!

 His love of rattan...

 ...and wicker is also a love of mine!

 Just look at this photo!
That wicker lamp!
The table top vignette!
The fabric of the tableskirt!

And can we talk about this lamp?
This seriously makes my heart flutter!

My favorite lamp just so happens to be my treasured sea shell lamp.
It lives front and center on the entryway chest. 
Seeing the lampshade though in the book makes me want to replace the rafia one that came with my own lamp.  Those little seashells dangling are just too cute! 

But I digress.
I think Mark Sikes is an incredibly talented designer.
He almost reminds me of Ralph Lauren, back in the day.

 This bathroom is a study in two colors that I love.
Black and caramel.

 I think this bedroom was my inspiration for my own bedroom.
I chose white linen drapes for the windows, but it's the overall aesthetic that snuck in to my design conscience.

This book is a treasure!
So much to take in, so much to learn.
So many ideas!
The photo above will be emblazoned on my brain for a home in the future.
Imagine, a little nook carved out in your home surrounded by books!
I guess you can say that Mark Sikes is my newest design crush!
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GranthamLynn said...

Love this too. I love that lamp!

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