Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Inspired By Blue And White Porcelain

For years, I've veered away from blue in my home.  For some reason I had a problem with it.
Sure, there were exceptions.  Like when I went through my denim phase and had denim duvet covers for the boy's beds.  Or when I painted my son's room cobalt blue because it matched the rug I inherited from my mother-in-law.
But lately, I've come to appreciate blue, especially blue and white in a new way.
It seems everywhere I look, I see blue and white porcelain grouped together and it looks awesome, like this example from Veranda.

This grouping, featured in Traditional Home is fabulous!
It seems to me that pulling this off, means not one, but many vases together.

At a time, when I should be downsizing, starting a new collection is the last thing I should be doing!
Also, to pull this look off, you need some fairly large pieces to group together.
Williams-Sonoma has a lovely collection to choose from, like the vases above.

So does Ballard Designs.  They are also more affordable.
I love the large ginger jar on the left, towards the back.
Maybe the thing to do is cherry pick my favorites from various retail sources.

Frontgate has a collection of blue and white, but I'm not a fan of dragons or fu dogs.
I'm leaning more towards blue delft or a paisley design.

Blue and white porcelain looks wonderful paired with a beach vibe.
Believe it or not, the vases above are from Pier 1 Imports!

I love blue and white together on a mantel with branches...

...or flowers from the garden.

While in Santa Barbara last month, I visited Rooms and Garden and couldn't help notice how much blue and white porcelain they had displayed.
I fell in love with the lamps on this console, not just because they are blue and white...

...but the shades were fantastic too, with their little sea shells!

I liked this little vignette at Rooms and Gardens because of the rafia lamp shade and how just two blue and white pieces, plus the little plant works with the painting on a bedside table.

The beauty of blue and white pottery is that it works well with just about everything.
I'm loving the California flag in contrast to the porcelain, yet again from Rooms and Gardens.

I love Toby Fairley's vignette above.

Mark Sikes' collection is beautifully paired with sea shells, fronds and seagrass.

So before I start another collection, I'll be studying how to perfectly pull it off, and more importantly, where to display it.
It would look fabulous behind the sofa on the console like the photo above.
The dining room table or the chest in the foyer would be nice too.
I don't know, do I really need to start another collection?

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Sarah said...

Delores, I'm swooning over some of these inspiration photos. I've collected blue and white since we lived in our first home, but had it packed away until recent years. I brought it back out to use in a bay window in our living room. I've always thought it would be gorgeous grouped on the table or buffet as well. I vote you start a group of your own. Classic!

vintageandart said...

Wonderful post, l too have never been a (navy) blue and white person but seeing your photos makes me think differently. l especially love Mark Sikes' photo where it's tempered with a little green. l can totally see why you'd want to start another collection.

AntiqueChase said...

Rooms and Gardens is my FAVORITE SB store! Love all the inspiration!

Cheryl said...

I am also a great fan of Rooms and Gardens! Have always loved blue and white, and had it in my first home. LIke others, I eventually put everything away, and went with green. Now I find I am going back to blue and white. Always a classic!

Miranda said...

Pretty photos! I love blue and white! Instead of jars, I've collected several Flow Blue plates & platters to hang on the wall. Happy hunting! :)

Marlis said...

Goodness Delores! You are reading my mind. I've shied away from it for years. Mainly because our living room in our home that burned had quite a bit of blue. And with that behind us, I've gone to a more neutral palette and was wondering about adding a piece or two.. and decided for myself, that I needed to bring in a piece at a time and then only pieces I really loved.
Thank you for the pictures and sources, I loved seeing them all together!
Whatever you do, it will be fabulous as always.
hugs, Marlis

Nancy said...

the answer is YES! you need a collection like this in your life! i've been collecting it for a decade now although i've narrowed it down to specifically collecting blue and white with the symbol for double happiness, which for me is special and symbolic of my twin sons. its classic and will never go out of style. and if it does then i'm happy to collect pieces that people get rid of ;)

GranthamLynn said...

What gorgeous inspiration photo's. Thanks for sharing this collection.
I was drooling over that lamp with the seashells. I would if I could do that? hmmm. Well I think this post is Fabulous inspiration. All you need is a pumpkin or two and call it Fall. I'd love you to come over and link at the Fabulous Fall party!
You can bring the inspiration and check out the party food!
Happy Fall.

Polly said...

Oh, I'm so glad I follow you! I will be watching with much interest as we recently underwent a remodel in our kitchen/family room and I made a 180 from my more warm colors to more grays with blue. My blue and white collection looks great on the kitchen bay window and in my shelves surrounding the fire place. But we just couldn't afford to re-do the living room which still has beige, green, peach/pink etc. I really need to bring some blue into that space and feel the only way I can is to use blue and white porcelain. Thank you for this post and I sure am looking forward to seeing how you incorporate blue and white into your warm tones. Your home is BEAUTIFUL!

Heather said...

Blue and white porcelain always looks timeless and classy, not like too much of today's throw away decor. Looking forward to see what you do with it.

Tonya said...

Blue and white is classic! I love it! Never goes out of style!

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