Thursday, November 10, 2016

Be My Guest - The San Francisco Room

 I like to call the second guest room, the "San Francisco Room."
This is where all our collected books and prints of San Francisco ended up, which is great for out of town guests who might really appreciate it.

While we were remodeling the house, we were always on the lookout for vintage prints and maps of San Francisco which we had framed and saved to hang later.
We just weren't sure where!

Like this vintage black and white photo that we love of the wharf at the turn of the century.
I envisioned it, along with others like it hanging on the stair wall...

Originally, we thought we would hang this vintage map of San Francisco in the family room, but it ended up being way too big, so it now takes center stage in the guest room.
That's when I got the idea to hang our collection of old prints of The City in here and make it a theme.

This room started out as a white, uninspiring box.
I slowly added layer upon layer of texture to warm it up, starting with a seagrass rug layered with a Persian rug. Woven shades on the window for privacy were eventually layered with gray linen drapes which I had reworked from World Market drapes.

The canopy bed came from Ballard Designs and is upholstered in gray linen.
I wanted a canopy bed because I thought it would lend some drama to this room, which believe me, it needed.
Plus, I just love canopy beds!

 The most dramatic thing I did though was to wrap the room in this gray stripe raffia wallpaper.
It made all the difference in the world!
Now it feels very cozy.

The bedding is from Pottery Barn.
The lamps and nightstands were repurposed from our master bedroom in the old house.

A pair of leather chairs offer a place to sit and read all the San Francisco books in the room.

The rope mirror, a Marshall's find and vintage seashell lamp give the room a nautical feel as well.

A framed post card of Alcatraz and more books on San Francisco, including an old Herb Caen book sit on the night stand.

The ensuite bathroom is just like the bathroom in the tartan bedroom, down the hall.
I kept the same tile and apothecary sink, just to be consistent.

I realize this bathroom is kinda boring though.
It is too white!  Maybe some patterned towels would add some interest?

However, the bathroom is super tiny and so maybe being boring and white is a nice contrast to the grasscloth walls and all the fabric in the bedroom.

Sometimes I like to sleep in this room and pretend I'm a guest at a bed and breakfast in Martha's Vineyard, or Nantucket, or even San Francisco!
I can stay up and read until the wee hours, listening to the fog horn.    
Of course, Oscar loves the San Francisco room too!

Bed:  The Louisa Canopy Bed, Ballard Designs
Wallpaper:  Phillip Jeffries
Bed Linens:  Pottery Barn
Leather Chairs:  Crate and Barrel
Pine Dresser:  Vintage
Window Shades:  Presidio Classics
Drapes:  World Market
Alabaster Lamps:  Vintage
Lampshades:  Target
Nightstand:  Ralph Lauren
Bathroom Mirror:  Pottery Barn
Apothecary sink:  Custom

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gme said...

Beautiful room. Love the wallpaper!

Sarah said...

Delores, I'm crushing over that wall paper. Love the look of this room and the way you layered the textures on the floor. I'm in the process of a mini redo of one of our guest rooms with a new queen size bed to replace our antique four poster full size bed. Love the new bed, but haven't decided on the linens yet. Making do with some I had for the moment. Also want to paint the room and change some other things.
I would love to be a guest in this warm, inviting, and interesting San Francisco room. '-)

Rebecca said...

What a wonderfully-themed room! That giant map is amazing...
(I can't imagine the challenge of hanging that striped wallpaper though.)

Ron said...

The wallpaper..........WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The room is so gorgeous!! I love that you used vintage SF prints. I think some damask towels would look good in the bathroom and be a nice compliment to the bedding in the guest room. :)

Sammy said...

So neat!

Cherie said...

Beautiful room! I love the canopy bed and bedding as well as your wallpaper! Please may I stay here? :) Your bathroom is lovely as is although I would maybe paint the walls a warm grey. Where is the bath mirror from?

vignette design said...

The mirror is from Pottery Barn. I'll add that to the sources. Thanks!

Carol S. said...

Gorgeous and very interesting. Guests will love this. I love white towels for all, easy to bleach and clean, fresh stack on hand always. Great spaces.

Tammy said...

Very pretty. I love how you put a room together with the layers of patttern and texture. Beautiful!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

What a thoughtful, charming guest room...that vintage postcard! I love your SF theme.

When we lived in Paris 12 years ago, I bought an antique engraving of SF...with a view of Alcatraz...nothing built on it yet. But it's almost the same view we have today. Who knew?

Glad you are getting so settled in. Let's have coffee sometime!
Mary Ann

Unknown said...

What a beautiful place to curl up and read while being surrounded by the beautiful prints! So cozy!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love this cozy room, Delores and I adore the wallpaper. Can't beat that great map! I sleep in one of the guest rooms sometimes to get away from the snoring!

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