Monday, January 30, 2017

Wreaths Symbolize Welcome And Unity

Nothing says welcome like a festive wreath, and over the years, I've hung many different wreaths on our front door.
Wreaths symbolize welcome and unity with their branches, leaves and flowers forming a perfect ring.

This one was from 2010 which I found in the wine country. 
It gave me the idea to use upholstery webbing to embellish future wreaths.

Like this one for the holidays.

Lately, Ive been all about boxwood wreaths, both for the holidays and year round.
I like this one, hung with upholstery webbing from Houzz.
It's clean and simple.

Here is a preserved boxwood wreath hung with black and white stripe ribbon.
So fresh and perfect for spring.

 Wreaths aren't just for the door though.
Lately, I've been hanging them indoors on mirrors.

For the holidays, I hung this boxwood wreath on the entry mirror with plaid ribbon.
I'll replace the ribbon, but keep the wreath for a few more months.

In Asti, I hung a preserved boxwood wreath on the living room mirror, bringing a touch of green to the room.

Magnolia leaves also make a wonderful wreath, like this one from Lonny.
Traditionally, they are for the holidays, but I like them year round.
They can be embellished with dried hydrangeas and other florals.

I recently found this magnolia wreath in the wine country.
It was time to replace the Christmas wreath!
I think it is timeless, transcending the seasons, don't you?

In Asti, I hung a natural branch wreath on one of the doors.
Since there is no front door, per se, putting a wreath on the dining room door creates a sense of entry.

 It is made from material that can be found on our property.
Moss and branches.
It says "welcome" to our home.

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gme said...

I love wreaths! I have a wreath for every season. They just say, "Welcome, come on in."

Sarah said...

I can't hang a wreath on our front door, but I use them in other places in our home. I've hung them on the dining room windows and from knobs on cabinet doors. I bought a large boxwood wreath to hang in the dining room last year, but when I took it out of the closet it had mildewed. That has never happened to any of my preserved boxwood spheres or wreaths before, so don't know what that was all about. I dropped it in the trash.
Love your choices and have long admired the webbing messages. '-)

Sammy said...

I love wreaths! I've been trying to find the right one since Christmas is over. Not too springy yet, but something nice. You gave me some great ideas!

Katherine said...

I have several preserved boxwood wreaths and lavender wreaths in various spots in our house. I love the look of them throughout the rooms, it really works for every season.

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