Monday, May 15, 2017

Inspired By Roses

I owe my love of roses to my mom.
She also loved roses, collecting rose bushes like baseball cards!
Indeed, her rose garden was amazing!

While she preferred red roses, I prefer white, like the Iceberg Rose above.
I have planted these Icebergs in three homes now, in various forms.

I chose the standard version of Icebergs at our previous home's side yard...

...and New Dawn climbers in the back.
I remember how glorious this arbor was with those pale pink roses!

Just like my mom collected rose bushes, I collected rose paintings and featured them on the stairs in our previous home.

They now live in our garage where I appreciate them every time I park the car!
I just can't part with them, nor will I ever.

A few of my favorite paintings found their way inside our new home.
This one is in the laundry room.
The red roses in a basket remind me of my mom.

 When I created this bouquet years ago, I again was inspired by my mom's love of roses.
She often cut from her garden and created bouquets of mixed colored roses.
I remember how she mixed "Double Delight," "Mr. Lincoln," and her favorite, "Tropicana" to name a few in her collection.
Roses inspired her too, and she passed her love of them to me.
Thanks, Mom!

I'm joining A Stroll Thru Life for Inspire Me Tuesday.

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Rebecca said...

What a wonderful garage gallery!
I, too, enjoy roses and have a small collection of rose paintings. (My grandmother's name was Rose, and my grandfather enjoyed nurturing several rose bushes - including an arbor - at their Kansas home...

Ron said...

White roses are my favorite too!

Sarah said...

Delores, I've always admired your collection of rose paintings. They are each one beautiful. I planted an iceberg standard by my front entrance after seeing how lovely yours were. Mine doesn't fill out with blooms like yours. I think the CA climate is perfect for growing flowers. Yellow roses are my favorite. ;-)

cindy hattersley design said...

I adore roses as well but the drought killed a few of mine. I am looking to adding some grassees which are more reliable with fewer roses.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Your rose paintings are so lovely. I love roses, too. When I am at my sister's in San Diego, I always clip and arrange a big bouquet for her from her garden. Smells wonderful, too. So special that your mom passed her affinity for them to you.

Miranda said...

Love those soft pink climbers.

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