Monday, March 30, 2020

Mixed Up Metals

Remember when all the metals had to match in your kitchen and baths?
If you had polished chrome cabinet hardware, then you probably matched the light fixtures and doorknobs too!

I threw that all out the window when I designed this kitchen.

There are gilded light fixtures...

...copper pots and polished nickel cabinet hardware, and of course the stainless steel appliances.

I chose polished nickel for the faucet, but did consider aged brass for a minute.
I think it seems more interesting mixing it all up.
After all, we mix our textiles and fabrics to create a cohesive design, so why not the metals in our home too?


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nancy2 said...

It all works! Lovely.

Heidi said...

Everything is so pretty Delores! Did you reuse the light fixtures (on the sides of the cabinets) from your other house? I have the same ones on either side of my fireplace, with leopard shades.
I like how the fixtures above your island don’t interfere with your line of sight. Good choice! Everything in your home is just so cozy and elegant! I bet you are relieved to have finished up before the shelter in place order, and hope you are well, are enjoying the wonderful environment you created.
Xo Heidi

Penelope Bianchi said...

I absolutely love this kitchen! I have never matched the metals in bathrooms and kitchens. I have copper sinks, copper faucets, but bronze and painted tole light fixtures. I like things all mixed up. Even all different cabinet colors. Not for everyone, but I like the more European way of collecting things, I guess.
This kitchen is exquisite!

Polly said...

I also put polished nickel in my kitchen, but that was 3 yrs ago and I would love to know how you will keep yours looking bright and shiny. Polished nickel tends to spot and discolor.
p.s. I purchased a very expensive SMALL tube of cleaner, but it is toxic and I hate to use it. It works, but.....

Maria C said...

Mixing metals gives the kitchen an uncontrived feel. It just works. I love your kitchen.

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