Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sheltering In Place

 We've been ordered to shelter in place, here in the San Francisco Bay Area.
It's day three and I'm still wandering around the house aimlessly trying to process this new normal.

There are so many questions....
How long will we be quarantined?  
Is it safe to go to the store if we run out of supplies?   
What's going to happen with my hair?  
Will I go gray now?  
What the heck are we going to do while shut in?
Well, after thinking for three days about this, I made a to do list.

Catch up with all the Netflix shows.

Sit by the fire and read.

Take the dog for a walk at least twice a day.

Putter in the garden.

Turn off the news and spend time together with the pets.

Take our time to cook nutritious meals.
(Mr. A's specialty.)

Sit at my desk to study and be inspired.

It's especially important to practice self care at this time.
Light candles.
Listen to music.
Take a walk.
Eat a balanced diet.
Write a blog post about sheltering in place.
I feel better already!

Are you sheltering in place or self quarantining?
Please let me know how you are coping.
We're all in this together.

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Anita said...

What a wonderful post for this time in our new normal lives. Thank you! I also plan to do some of the same things along with using this time to jump start my momentum of getting back to exercise. I really enjoyed all the pics on this post - very calming photos. I do have to ask where you got your glass hurricane in the last photo of your post? I have been on the look out for one like it.

Debbiecz said...

We're "safe-distancing" here in NW Illinois. We're fairly remote so the social interaction we're missing, especially at Wine Wednesday, thru restaurant closings is a challenge. But we're catching up on icky chores: painting, re-organizing & ordering wall systems for the garage, working in the garden and for me, a bit of work in our woods (electric chainsaw is a ladies best friend) for four hours clearing invasive honeysuckle & locust trees. Things we don't get to because we're always running somewhere, meetings or plans with friends. I have a big bag of donations to take in once the "fug" clears. And we'll be set for Spring to arrive! said...

And how about reaching out, as best we can, to those in real need.

Patricia said...

Great post with beautiful pics ! Who can recommend some series on Netflix ? I need something for late at night when I am thinking too much !

vignette design said...

Hi Anita, That hurricane is from Simon Pearce. I’ve found similar ones at Homegoods. -Delores

vignette design said...

Hi, We are teaching out as much as we can. We are seniors and are in lockdown so we are a little limited right now to helping. Although we have been leaving things on doorsteps of those in need.

vignette design said...

Sounds like you’re being very productive! Good to stay busy! -Delores

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

I find the concept of "sheltering in place" a bit annoying. The virus is not going to attack you the minute you step outside! This concept is making people paranoid and far more fearful than necessary. Fresh air and sunshine are time-honored antidotes to pathogens. People SHOULD be out walking around. We are not living in Communist China where the air quality is MANY times worse than anywhere here in the US.

Wash your hands, use social distancing and proper cough and sneeze protocols. By the way, phsyical money has always been VERY dirty. Suggest you use credit cards whenever possible. (I clean mine with hand wipes before putting it back into my puse.) Also,I keep two zip lock bags in my purse - one for money that I have cleaned at home and one for change I might get at a store or bank. Have the cashier drop the dirty money into one bag which you can take home and wash in the sink with soapy water. Simple dimple!

I am in the "high risk" group due to my age. I still shop for food (or have it "pre-shopped" for me so I just pick it up. Visit your local garden center to buy flowers, veggies and seeds. Continue to support local retailers (especially small businesses) by asking if you can order over the phone and have your products delivered. Smart entrepeneurs are already doing this.

Specialists in Immunology suggest getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, increasisng intake of Vitamin C and D3 and Zinc. Reduce consumption of sugar and starches because these depress the immune system.

Find things to laugh about. Laughter really is the best medicine!

TessoftheWest said...

It goes without saying that you have the most beautiful home to nestle in during these crazy days! Regarding your hair, the best thing I ever did for myself was to finally let my hair go gray after thinking I would keep dyeing it until I was on my deathbed! If you let it go, you will have such a sense of freedom and if you want to you can still have your hair stylist do highlights and such. I say that's one thing you should go for!!

Ann said...

Thank you for this beautiful post.

TessoftheWest said...

What is the wall paint color in your en suite bathroom? I love it!!

Cynthia said...

As for Netflix, check out Virgin River. It's a series of 8 episodes about a young woman who leaves LA to restart her life after her life was turned upside down. Virgin River is a very small town in Northern California & she was hired by the town's mayor to be a nurse there in the town. She was even promised a charming cabin close to her work assisting an elderly doctor & once she gets there, the adventures start. AND, she meets a handsome restaurant/pub owner who runs the town's "gathering place." Season 1 came out in Dec. and they already have season 2 filmed. Not sure when that season will be released.

Unknown said...

Staying safe means so many things today and it sounds like you are doing all you can to remain safe and sane. As far as going gray.....well, I did it about 4 years ago due to finally comprehending the truth about all the toxic chemicals in hair dye. Now I have one less thing to worry about. My husband will trim my bangs in between hair appointments while I cherish the little silver sprinkles in my hair. Take care.

Sarah said...

Delores, we are staying at home, only going on neighborhood walks and the occasional run to the grocery if needed. Grocery delivery and curbside is so backloged that one can no longer order online. I'm doing projects arouund the house and in the garden and playing with my dishes for a few tablescapes to share on IG. I've lots of books to read and needlepoint to stitch, so I can certainly stay occupied. Take care, stay healthy and sane. Sounds like you are doing all the right things!

nancy2 said...

Funny you mention about a good time to go grey ��. I walk in the afternoon with a group of ladies, we were discussing going grey on our walk yesterday. Our hairdressers are vulnerable and won’t be back to work anytime soon.
My house is clean, cooking lots of healthy soup, walking the beach, otherwise doing the same as you. I feel fortunate to have a lovely home to shelter in place in.
Take care!

Dawn said...

My husband and I are counting our blessings, as we do every day. Although we are in a vulnerable category age wise, we have the luxury of remaining at home where we always have projects and hobbies we enjoy. We are able to continue exercising and hiking. We are undergoing a master bath reno and, thankfully, the work hasn't been halted or delayed (yet).

If you decide now isn't the time to go grey, perhaps consider coloring your hair yourself. I would recommend finding a color close to your own and apply color only to the roots. Ten minutes before the process time is up, take a wide tooth comb and comb the color through. This will add dimension and blend your previous color with the new.

I've been watching Parks and Recreation while on my treadmill and it keeps me giggling. Last night I watched "Bombshell", documentary about Hedy Lamar. "Schitt's Creek" also kept me LOL!

wired4zion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wired4zion said...

Thank you for this beautiful post and inspiration during this challenging time. Reading it was soothing and your new home is coming together so lovely!


Unknown said...

I've only recently discovered your blog - beautiful! On this post, what is the title of the book open on your desk, with the words "Everyday Decorating" on the spread?

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