Monday, August 23, 2010

Kitchen Love

Looking through my kitchen inspiration file today, I noticed that all the kitchens I saved had something in common. Some kitchens I saved for their unique lighting, like this one.
How cool is the burlap covered pendant above the sink!

This kitchen wowed me with the galvanized pendant, but I also thought the gun metal tile backsplash looked fabulous with the soapstone countertop.

More pendant inspiration! Notice the open shelves. This is also a common theme with the kitchens I'm admiring lately. Believe me, I'm so close to taking off all my cabinet doors for that open shelving look!

Open shelving, wonderful pendant, commercial range--oh my!

I love the open shelving here and the simplicity of this kitchen. The yellow pottery really stands out against the white subway tile. My dream stove with the famous red knobs makes my heart beat fast!

More open shelving. But also, I'm intrigued with the green subway tile backsplash.
Who says subway tile has to be white?

It could be a soft maize color! This kitchen's backsplash was the inspiration for my own kitchen. The marble countertop is currently on my wish list!

I love my soft butter colored backsplash. Each tile is handmade, so there is texture in the uneven surface. At first, I thought I made a mistake, but now I love it. Wishing for that marble counter though!

The countertop is "Santa Cecelia" granite. It has subtle flakes of garnet, gold, and black.
Unfortunately, it chips!

What would you change in your kitchen if you had a million bucks?
The countertop? The backsplash? Appliances?
Would you be comfortable with open shelving?
What would you choose for lighting?
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vignette design said...

Uh Oh, I just deleted everyone's lovely comments. Darn! Guess I won't do that again!

vignette design said...

That's what I get for playing around with Blogger! I had so many comments to reply to too from readers about their kitchen wish lists....

Kathysue said...

Hi Delores, good luck with the comment situation!! Kathysue

Kathysue said...

Second try!!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Delores, All of these kitchens are beautiful, including yours. What would I change? First, I would love a gorgeous wood stove hood with open shelving on each side. Then I would add beams to the ceiling and use an antique piece as an island. Bummer about the comments!
xo, Sherry

Table Escapes said...

Love the buttercream tile too....I also liked the glass door fridge....but in reality I could never truly live with it...I would have to line things up & have it sparkling clean all of the not too practical..
Thanks so much for your regular inspiration...I love all of your tablescapes.. Sharon

Pamela said...

I love the first kitchen!! Very french country and that is me!! One day !!

Kathi said...

Delores, My sister Sharon told me about your blog. We both love it! Your kitchen photos are all so beautiful. I am drawn to the pale green one. I enjoy the open shelving as well. If I could change things in my home it would be to add warming drawers, pot rack for copper pots and pans, marble counter tops, and maybe black and white checked floor. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Kathi

24 Corners said...

Your backsplash is lovely!
Several of these kitchens were inspiration for ours. We have the open shelving (or will when it gets put up), the tile backsplash, marble counters, and commercial range...still trying to find the perfect pendants but the main kitchen light I love. I had planned and dreamt about it for what seems like forever and I have to say... I wouldn't change a thing.

btw- Marble chips too...but it adds character! ;)

Lori @ Projects Plenty said...

Thanks for the great post... what lovely kitchens. Where to begin?! I am going to have to edit my comment.

I love your butter colored subway backsplash tiles. I also have a Wolf range, I am such an indecisive weanie that I purchased the red knobs and an extra set of black knobs. I switch them out.

I love that spectacular clock in the first picture... if I can't find one like it, I'll make one like it. The fixtures you posted are all special. Lastly, I could never do open shelving for reasons I don't want to share. :)

Tricia said...

OOh your kitchen is gorgeous and I love your cheese platter! I started collecting those last year and just can't get enough.

Lovely blog!!

Kifus said...

A marble countertop is also on my wish list! So beautiful. Open shelves too!

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

Delores, So many wonderful kitchens! I love pendant lighting and subway tile! I am dying to remodel a kitchen!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

My Goodness, how have I missed so many of your posts? Love these kitchens. Your back splash is so pretty. I love that galvanized pendant in the second kitchen you showed. laurie

Sarah said...

Delores, all of these kitchens are fabulous. I love the open shelves. Our kitchen is small and compact. My husband designed it for the space we had. It was gutted and redone with a clean slate. I love it, though my husband would do a few things differently if he could do it again. He's the chef in our household. I'm just the dish collector! ~ sarah

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