Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vintage Schoolhouse Decor

School is almost out for the summer! However, we are seeing more and more schoolhouse influences cropping up in the design world.
It seems everyone is experimenting with chalkboard paint right now, including Pottery Barn!

I have to admit, it's pretty fun! At first, I thought there is no way I'm ever painting a wall with chalkboard paint. Then I saw this image and was reminded of my son's bathroom with the black hexagon tile. Hmmmmm......Maybe I'll try it!

A kitchen wall is another place where chalkboards are showing up. Which could be very convenient for writing down the family's schedules, appointments and grocery lists!

In fact, what do you write on your walls? Poetry? Quotes? Equations? I like what this one says...

Or you could just draw pretty pictures!

I love this kitchen! Just one chalkboard wall with all kinds of doodles makes this kitchen really fun!

This kitchen has a lot of schoolhouse inspiration going for it. Chalkboard, school house pendents and even the clock.

This room has always been a favorite!

School lockers are showing up more and more too, and are great for storage. They can be found at flea markets and salvage yards.

The Lettered Cottage
I wish I had this when my four kids were little!

Pottery Barn sells school cubbies, which are perfect for the mudroom.
Wait, are those maps I see on the wall?

Maps are also quite popular right now. I love this bathroom with it's map of the world wallpaper. Who knew visiting the rest room could be educational?

I'll bet she got an A in Geography!

A child's bedroom is a great place for map wallpaper.

House Beautiful

Country Living
If wallpapering your walls is too much, grouping framed maps is an inexpensive alternative like the homeowners did for this breakfast room.

This breakfast room is tres elegant. The U.S. map is unexpected, and I like how it is front and center on the wall. It looks vintage too.

I love the sepia toned vintage maps like this one. You need a very large wall for this!
Oh, how I would love a map of Paris or Florence!

House Beautiful
Another trend is to divide up a large map and frame them individually.
This room makes me happy! The green walls, gorgeous drapes and suzani chair are wonderful!

House Beautiful
The walls in this family room feature framed 1943 Miami Beach plat maps!

If collecting maps is popular, so is collecting vintage globes.

Country Living
I don't really need to start another collection, but these globes make it look tempting.

Cote de Texas
Joni from Cote de Texas has an amazing collection of vintage globes. I loved how they look so much, that I bought my first globe from OKL the other day!

Not only is this bathroom papered with maps, it also has a sink reminiscent of the school lavatories.

Another flea market find, this vintage sink would be so cool in a child's bathroom.

Cote de Texas
I think that was the look Jill Brown was going for when she designed this bathroom.

Lately, I've noticed vintage teaching posters like the ones above.

They're especially nice if you can find them in another language!

My French bovine teaching chart from OKL!

Why the interest in vintage schoolhouse collectibles?
I think we are all nostalgic for a simpler time.
Old maps and globes. Chalkboards, vintage typewriters and teaching charts.
Even old lunch boxes remind us of the good old days.

What could be more fun than accessorizing our homes with these remnants of our past.
After all, "There's no place like home!"

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Julie Harward said...

Well, the chalkboard thing would sure solve the public bathroom issue! LOL

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Great post Delores, there are loads of ideas I'd happily adopt! We have a blackboard painted onto our kitchen wall, but I think I'd happily try a whole wall next time.
Thank you

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

This post is quite timely for me: I am going to my GRADE school reunion on Sat. night! Can't wait to see everyone. I love the maps, either framed or wallpaper! I suer do NOT need another collection either!!!!!!!!!LOL! XO, Pinky

Bring Pretty Back said...

Thats it! It's decided! I NEED a chalkboard wall!
They are sooooo cool! I would write quotes and messages to the hub!
Have a pretty day!

French said...

Great post, great collection of images! I can't do a chalkboard wall, but I have long been a collector of old maps and globes! Stop by if you can, Delores, if you can, I have new pics of France up now.

Lori E said...

I remember having one of the dry erase white boards in my downstairs landing.
A good place for notes to the kids etc.
As our house was the gathering spot for most of the kids I was always finding the goofiest comments and somewhat inappropriate drawings on the stupid thing so I gave up and eventually took it down.
Now what about the chalk dust? That could be a bother to clean up. I think I would like to use the lockers though.

Kathy Walker said...

Great post! I would have never thought of blackboard paint! I agree with Lori, the chalk dust would be a downer...

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Lovely post. What a fantastic collection of pictures. Very inspiring. I am going to rethink my boys bedrooms with some of these great ideas. x Sharon

the girl is craftee said...

I love vintage schoolhouse! The teaching posters remind me of a vintage school scroll I recently purchased. I've been meaning to post about. It is amazing, from 1800's. Not sure how I got so lucky to find it. Have a great weekend Delores.


Kathy said...

Delores this is an amazing post, reminds me of Joni's tutorials, always an *education* going there and now here! Great job teacher!

Nicki said...

Hi, Delores! I've been meaning to contact you ever since you posted about your son being stuck in snowy Florence in December. My son was studying in Florence (at Lorenzo de Medici) that same semester, and he too had trouble getting home! We've lived in NC for 12 years, but I am a native Californian, so I love your blog! Speaking of Florence, we also got to visit our son there last October -- small world, huh? As for maps of Florence, I know that Restoration Hardware has some gorgeous vintage maps, but waaaay too expensive for me!

Unknown said...

i love the chalboard ideas they are a great idea for a kitchen & somewhere to add your shopping lists to school events, i stick things on the fridge but its always over crouded & things fall off everytime i open the door. I love the map wallpaper in that bathroom image it looks stunning

Carrie said...

These are really awesome decorating ideas. I particularly liked the use of the maps.

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