Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: Wine Cellars

Whether you enjoy wine, or are a teetotaler, you have to admit, there is just something quite beautiful about a well designed wine cellar.
We don't have one, but it's Mr. A's dream to someday have a dedicated cellar for his wine collection. So here are a some fantastic wine cellars from my inspiration file.

Apex traditional wine cellar
Starting with my personal favorite, a romantic underground cellar designed by Apex Wine Cellars. I love how this cellar is designed to also be a dining area. Love the twig paneling.

Country Living
My second favorite!

In fact, I think that all wine cellars should have a table if there is room, for either tasting or entertaining.

Simply amazing cellar designed by Steven Gambrel.

private residence, corona del mar, california traditional wine cellar
Brett Valenstein
I love the barrel ceiling in this cellar.

Vignette Design
A wine cellar in Tuscany

wine cave contemporary wine cellar
An entrance to a wine cave, designed by Paul Farinato


Architectural Digest
If going underground isn't an option, you could build a wine cellar cottage!

Wine storage eclectic wine cellar
Another idea: A wine cellar living room.

Our basement in our 105 year old home seems ideal for a cellar. Unfortunately, it takes in water during winter storms and our furnace and hot water heater is located there. So, Mr. A stores his collection in a couple of wine refrigerators in the garage.
While it's not as romantic and inspiring as these photos, it gets the job done, keeping the wine at a constant temperature of 58 degrees. And that is the point!

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Karen said...

I love the wine cellar living room! Why not enjoy the space all the time. We have a small room in our basement that we'd love to someday turn into a wine cellar-if only the kids didn't use it for video gaming!

Lori E said...

Forget the wine living room, I want a wine cellar bedroom.
These rooms are so beautiful. I would really love to have one and have the wine to fill it.

savvycityfarmer said...

I am truly inspired.
I have the perfect spot in this old house ... a coal room with a brick floor in a corner of the basement.

whaddya' think?

Tamra said...

Love them all but my eye was drawn to that adorable little "crown" chair in the room by Brett Valenstein!

AT HOME BLOG said...

I love these wine cellars!!!We are building ours first wine cellar and this is beautiful ispiration!!

jninecostumes said...

These are very inspiring. I'm with you on having a table and chairs. You need somewhere to load, unload taste etc.

Sarah said...

Fun inspiration! I like the idea of a table in a wine seller for dining. That would be a must on my list. ~ Sarah

Calypso In The Country said...

They are all so pretty! Your post caught my attention because we just had dinner in a wine room at a country club in North Carolina. It was so charming!

NanaDiana said...

The entrance to the wine cave reminds me of the one in Columbo...one of my favorites Beautiful images here! xo Diana

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

We "sorta" have a wine cellar: we have our collection in the finished pool room downstairs in racks that we purchased. It is the perfect temp. MOST of the time:):) These images are beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration! XO, Pinky

LaPouyette said...

Brilliant post! Love every image!
Simply good - Cheers and Santé!

Greetings from the PĂ©rigord in Southwest France and just around the corner of the famous wine regions of St. Emilion, Bergerac and Bordeaux.

Kathysue said...

You are so right Delores there is something very intriguing about a wine cellar or room. Kathysue

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I would be happy with any one of these, as would my husband! I think the one with the greenish cupboards and mismatched chairs is from a house here in South Africa. There is something familiar about it. Have a lovely day. x Sharon

Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...


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