Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Armchair Traveler Goes to Provence

Continuing with our armchair travel, today we head over to Provence!

We start our adventure in Nice.

Walking the narrow streets of old town, we stop for a little lunch, perhaps a beer...

Don't forget to look up!

The Mediterranean beckons, so let's take a day trip east of Nice, to Èze.

Looking back towards Nice...

Can you imagine living here? I sure can!

In Èze, our climb is rewarded with the most spectacular view of the French Riviera.

Now wasn't that worth it?

I supplement my photos with this one from Wikipedia, just so you can see where you are.
On the very top!

Time to cover some ground and dig deep into the heart of Provence.
We head west. First stop: Cannes.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous!
Wait, is that Brad and Angelina?

Next stop: Aix en Provence.

Remember to always be open to surprises when traveling.

Lucky for us, we just happen to be here for the weirdest parade ever!
Time to move on....

...to Avignon, with the Rhône river bordering one side and the home of the papacy in the 14th century.

Touring the Pope's Palace, we overlook the city.

There are beautiful churches here, of course.

And great shopping opportunities.

Just outside the preserved ramparts of Avignon is the wine country.

And the little, sleepy village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, where the ancient ruins of the Pope's castle is located.

More Roman ruins in Orange.

We conclude our Provençal tour in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, my favorite city!

Yes, I saved the best till last.

Waking up here, we are pleasantly surprised that it's market day.
Everything from soup to nuts!

Actually, make that cheese....


...and olives!
Among other things, like antiques, housewares and clothing.

It's time to go.
I know, I know, we barely scratched the surface in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.
We'll just have to come back another time. I hear there is an amazing brocante here twice a year.
Anyone want to go with? For real?

PS: For more L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue inspiration, visit Libby at An Eye For Detail.
She just returned from her trip last week and has some wonderful photos to share.

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Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Delores! Thanks so much for the wonderful little trip! It's rainy here and I needed that! I am in total agreement...l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is my favorite, too! We used it as our headquarters for our trip to the Lubéron...so many beautiful little villages! Hope you are having a great week...hugs...Debbie

Razmataz said...

I so enjoyed that Delores....I do love a market. I love how they take the French market to various towns in the UK now. LAst time I was in the UK, I was thrilled that the French market was in town that day. That's the way to shop.

shabbyfufu said...

I'd go back to that area in a heartbeat, but for this moment in time your beautiful armchair tour will have to do. Thanks for that....

Marlis said...

Delores, thanks for the journey back home.. I lived in France for 13 years, my dad's first wife lived in Nice, up on the hill.. so beautiful. I have a half-brother in Poitier and the other in Digne (provence)... Now i'm really really homesick! beautiful photos.. xo marlis

Privet and Holly said...

Felt like I just
had a mini-holiday.
Thank you for these
wonderful photos and
the travelogue!
xx Suzanne

a quiet life said...

you are killing me with all these travel pics, with all our pets we bot a second home so we could get away, but you are showing REAL GETAWAYS and i fear those days are far and few for us now...

its been a few years since we went to europe, you are stirring embers i must not rekindle... your shots from eze are enough to give me dizzy vertigo fits... we loved the riveria, you are flooding me with so many memories... and a wanderlust i must squash!

Unknown said...

What a treat!! Your photos were total eye candy. Thanks for sharing with us. I have to say, I'm impressed with how clean all the streets are and love the clotheslines outside each window. And the olives and cheese... how divine!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

That was so amazing and fun...now If only it wasn't virtural!

French Basketeer.com said...

Love it all; would go back in a heartbeat; esp if I can stay at the Chateau Eza!

Jacqueline said...

We drove through Nice to get to Monte Carlo a few years back, but now I must go back and spend some time in Provance! Your photos are amazing. The photos by the sea are incredible with the palms. What a beautiful trip.

Christy said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS. Wow wow wow! Yes, my husband and I are 110% IN for the Brocantes fair next year. It looks like they hold it over Easter weekend... what do you think?? My grandfather was born and raised in Antibes and my parents have gone back innumerous times (his childhood home still satnds!). While I lived in Paris for a long and lovely summer, I never made it down to the Riviera. After seeing these photos, we've put it on the calendar! Spring 2012!

quintessence said...

Fabulous!! Hoping we're going to Chevre d'Or in Eze!! We took a very similar trip 3 years ago - started in Monte Carlo, then Nice, St. Paul de Vence etc, a couple tiny towns heading west, ending in Aix/Arles (son was doing a semester in Aix - lucky fellow) - wonderful!!

Libby said...

I just did a post today on the brocante in Isle sur la Sorgue where I was last Sunday! Hope you will take a look:

Kathysue said...

GM Delores, Your photography is amazing it feels like I was on the trip with you. Loved seeing your special places through your lens. The cheese alone would be worth the trip, Oh my!! Such beauty, Kathysue

Ivy Clad said...

I could spend hours looking and choosing just between the cheeses and olives!


veuvemcd said...

Your photography is beautiful! Eze, Aix...all favorite places of mine.
Mille mercis.

24 Corners said...

Well, you just saved me a very expensive plane ticket!! I truly felt as if I were there...for a precious moment. Oh to have such a market near by...that would be heaven!
Thank you...
xo J~

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