Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small Business Saturday

 I avoided the crowds on Black Friday, choosing to stay home in my pajamas, cleaning and eating!
However, yesterday was a different story.

Small Business Saturday in the wine country means shopping vintage stores and perhaps finding handmade crafts that you just can't find in Target and Walmart!
Talk about great for our economy!

Gin' Gilli's Vintage Home in Geyserville was our first stop.
Newly reopened from down the street, their new location is packed with handmade and vintage finds.

 I spied a Johnson Brother's, Friendly Village dinner set and was quite tempted.
The price was slashed to $275 for twelve place settings, serving pieces and tea service!

Also tempting was this tartan thermos, perfect for the plaid lover in your life!  (hint, hint)

Remember Tom and Jerrys?  
I do.  My Grandma always made them at Christmas in a Tom and Jerry set just like this.
The kids got "virgin" T & Js as a special treat!

An adorable vintage looking Santa caught my eye...

 ...this is what I call "unplugged" shopping!

 In fact shopping here really put me in the mood for the holidays!
Christmas music, cookies and cider = no stress!

After Gin' Gilli's, we ventured down the street and met a local woman who was selling her handmade wreaths and garlands.
I bought one of each!

 I'll end up taking it home, but for now I couldn't resist seeing what it looked like on the mantel in Asti.
Prompting the question, "Wouldn't a wine country Christmas be fun?"

Just the whole idea of an old fashioned Christmas sounds fun to me.
Staying away from the lines and crowds and shopping local for gifts is all part of how I envision Christmas 2012 to be.  

Here's to an old fashioned Christmas!

Read more about Gin' Gilli's here.

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Ron said...

I love small, local businesses too. The shop looks so fun and dangerous. I adore the dishes. xo

Mary Ann Pickett said...

absolutely!!! I hate the idea of searching for parking at the mall...lines. What great things you spotted! This is getting me in the spirit!

carolyn bradford said...

This is sooooo up my alley! Thanks for sharing all of this beauty with us! I would love to find someone that made homemade wreaths and garland! Loved all of the vintage Christmas items! Now I'm even more inspired!

Sonia said...

I love small shops...wish I would have had time to shop there on our recent trip. What a fun place with lovely items. We managed to go to Francis Ford Coppola's winery and had a lovely meal at Rustic- thanks for the post you did a while back! My son studied under the producer of the Godfather while in film school and it was great for him to see all the film memorabilia. Happy Holidays!
Miss Bloomers

Unknown said...

That's my kind of shopping. No malls for me! Can't stand the crowds and rudeness. Give me music and cider any time!

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

Seems like everyone is in agreement here. I avoid the crowds like the plague. But I love small business Saturdays and I am more than happy to get out there and do my part by buying some little treasure or two or three. Ha ha.

debra @ 5th and state said...

this small business owner applauds and thanks you!


Susan Freeman said...

I went shopping at some of my favorite small shops yesterday too. In fact I wrote a post about them on my blog as well. You will never, ever catch me at the mall or at a big box store on Black Friday. Way too much commotion for me and frankly, I love the little shops so much more. Have a lovely week.

Susan and Bentley

Kathysue said...

I like the direction you are going!! If anyone can pull off a beautiful old fashioned Christmas It is YOU Miss D!!
xo Kathysue

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Looks wonderful~ love the garland and wreath!!

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