Saturday, May 4, 2013

Design Obsession: Black Windows

 I'm totally obsessed with black windows these days!
I love how they frame the view and add contrast and interest.

 The architecture of this window stands out painted black.
Yes, it's a beautiful window/door, but it wouldn't be so dramatic if it were painted white.

It's like the windows are wearing eyeliner!

This room with the black windows and moulding absolutely takes my breath away!
Now, I'm being dramatic....

But that is the word that comes to mind here.

I like how edgy this entry is with the black windows and black door.
I'm so close to painting my entry door and side windows black!

It would look like this.

But I'm also obsessed with exterior black windows like this one.
I find myself driving around the neighborhood looking for houses with black windows.
There are very few.

Our house needs to be painted this year and I'm considering this color combination:
Dark taupe/gray for the stucco, creamy white for the window trim, eaves, columns and corbels.
And black just inside the windows, on the mullions--like eyeliner!
Yes, I know the color will fade and not hold up as well to the elements as white will, but what can I say:
I'm obsessed!

Can you see it?

For more black window inspiration, check out my Pinterest board here.

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Rhonda said...

The black paint is very striking! I always like to play around with PhotoShop when changing paint colors. Maybe you could try using PhotoShop to sample the black on the inside and outside of your front windows to get a better idea of how it would look. Love your idea for the new color scheme!

Marlis said...

I, like Rhonda, use photoshop to see what something would look like before I jump in! I noticed the black windows on your pinterest posts.. I love them too. They remind me of something with history. Yours have enough detail to make them outstanding. I say go with it! xo marlis


There's many black window frames here in the old haciendas, they're very popular in green too, but I've seen them lots in black and I love your images too! They're very awesome! Hugs,

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I love them too. I have seen interior doors painted black on Pinterest and want to do that here. I KNOW it would look awesome. I may start with just a few and see.... I love to be dramatic:):):) XO, pinky

sugarcreek said...

You already have the coordinating welcome mat so painting the mullions black is a must!

Kelley said...

Hi Delores...go for it! And if it turns out wonderful (which it will) then I can copy you ; o )

xxx's kelley

AntiqueChase said...

I had black windows in my last house and hated them... of course they weren't in style

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

What's not to love? Absolutely gorgeous! Do it :).
Have a happy weekend, Mary

Sarah said...

I think it would look great on your house. LIke you, I'm drawn to these black windows. We have dark forest green on our sunporch. It's much like the same effect. The kitchen is glorious. Makes me want to build a new home. Ha! Ha!

Woodside Park said...

Yes, I'm loving black windows, too! Your house is so beautiful, and has such a presence. I especially love your gracious front entry with the wide steps, beefy columns and charming sidelights flanking that handsome door!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Sounds cool....I think a lot of those windows are steel though. I've been wanting to do some black interior doors. Happy weekend.

Lori said...

I love my black shutters that I painted in my kitchen. It was a bit frightening but worked out. My post is called "hubby said no to black shutters", of course I did it anyway. He loves them by the way.

Patty Rumaker said...

Black is so striking especially against an all white space. I also love the black painted doors or black painted door casing around a white door. A very powerful look.

cardinalkay said...

I'm certainly on board the black window train. I think any dark color window sashes pop + add tons of curb appeal. I have also loved red window sahes for years.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

They're all stunning. I especially like the ones in the kitchen with all the white cabinets. I think you could paint your home any color at all and it would be fabulous!!

Teresa said...

Love the pictures and the black and white contrast. Also, would love to know more about the lovely ivy topiaries gracing your front door. Are they real? Did you make them yourself or purchase somewhere? They look marvelous!

vignette design said...

Hi Teresa,
The ivy topiaries are real. I bought them at a little nursery in Half Moon Bay that specializes in ivy. If you're from my area, I can give you more info. Just email me. ~Delores

Jaybird said...

I agree, but in a different context....
I have been looking at the chain link fences that are going up in some neighborhoods...they are BLACK instead of metal. I love them and have.....ummmmm gently suggested that we paint ours spousal unit says "What would you want to do THAT for??????"
Oh well.....
I do love your black windows though... Maybe I will forward your blog link to him.......or not....his answer would be "what am I supposed to do with THIS??????"
ahhhhh ya gotta' love 'em:^)
Thanks for a great post.

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