Thursday, October 29, 2015

Exterior Progress: Paint and Landscape

 This week has been all about landscape--my favorite part of the remodel.
 That's because it is my own design and I get to see my vision come to fruition.

On Monday, 40 white roses, 3 Italian Cypresses, 100 boxwoods and 20 climbing ficus were delivered.
We couldn't plant yet because we had to wait for Tuesday's delivery of 14 olive trees!

 Bright and early on Tuesday morning, literally before sunrise, they arrived!

For the front and side of the house, six Swan Hill multi-branch olive trees were laid out for planting.

 I chose Swan Hill trees because they are non-fruit bearing and disease resistant.
They will be perfect for the San Francisco Marina which gets its share of fog.

 Inside the courtyard, I chose standard Swan Hill trees.  
That means that they grow from a single trunk and can be placed right against the wall.

 As soon as the trees were planted, Martin began planting the boxwood hedge which will border everything.

 What a difference!
Notice the exterior paint is finished too?

 The painters worked non-stop the week before to get it done, knowing the landscape was scheduled to be installed this week.

 The exterior stucco is Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray.
The white is a custom match to the new windows and I outlined the interior mullions in black.

 Copper downspouts also were installed prior to planting.
They will patina to a dark copper in a few weeks.

 This morning, I met Martin to finalize the planting.
The three Italian Cypress will punctuate the corner of the house and white Iceberg roses will fill in everywhere else.

 That may seem like a lot of roses, but I feel that to introduce too many different plants in such a small area would create visual chaos.  
Besides, white roses are kind of my signature!

 Finally, the entry is looking like I envisioned.
The copper lights were installed as well, even though they aren't electrified yet.

 The courtyard is looking pretty dramatic with the tall standard trees.
The small plants beneath are "freeway ficus" which eventually will adhere to the wall and create a living green wall behind the trees.  

The trees will eventually be trimmed after they adapt to their new home.
I have plans for a fountain, both in the entry and the courtyard.
It's beginning to look like a home!

This week has been so much fun, not only because I got to play in the dirt, but also have met so many wonderful neighbors who have been so encouraging and complimentary about the remodel.

We can't wait to move in!

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Kathysue said...

I am totally impressed, it is perfection and it goes so pretty with the exterior facade of your home, the olive trees look so pretty against the dark gray and the boxwood is a favorite of mine as well and it is the perfect border for your landscape design. YOU did GOOD D!! Kudos to you.
xo Kathysue

gme said...

Looking good!

Unknown said...

I wait and always look for your posts to see the progress of your house and was so happy to see this beautiful job! I was wondering if you had the history of the home to share, I always find it interesting.

Looking forward to your next posting, Thank you!


Ron said...

It all looks so good. I love the plantings.

Cyndy said...

Wow, everything is looking beautiful! Thanks for letting us peek at the work in progress!

Gina said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

How absolutely beautiful. Those trees and roses just make the house! I can't wait to see it in a year or so when they start to grow! You picked a beautiful landscape!

Rhonda said...

Now I thought your previous house with totally without fault or flaw, but I must say that this one just might rival the other one! Everything is so well-coordinated. (And no, I'm not surprised! That's what you do!) The landscaping is simple and sophisticated, and will be breathtaking when the roses are blooming. The brickwork is wonderful, along with the other details (copper piping especially!). I know you are so proud and happy at how everything is falling into place. Looking forward to the rest of the journey!

Lori said...

Wow, looking amazing and the house looks huge? Did you buy two and combine them?

Sammy said...

OMGoodness! It is going to be so NICE!

Bonnie said...

Delores...This looks just like you and I "imagined" that day I was
there in August. OMG it is wonderful to see the real look. I know you were so excited to see this come true. It will be so beautiful as it grows and matures, but it already is beautiful! Good job
Delores...!!! Bonnie Broten

laney said...

...incredibly exciting...incredibly beautiful...blessings laney

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Beautiful!!! LOve the landscaping --- perfection in curb appeal!!!
SO excited for you!

Carol S. said...

Fabulous and Classic. I picked up 7 box woods recently to punch up an area...100??!! Now that is how to do it! Enjoying the journey and glad you have nice neighbors. Everyone gets to enjoy your exterior landscape.

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