Monday, March 9, 2020

The Powder Room Reveal

  I was bound and determined to carve out a powder room when we bought this house.
I dreamed of creating a little jewel box room with fabulous wallpaper and a marble sink.

This is a difficult room to photograph which is why I have't shared it yet.
So here is the big reveal!
The marble sink came from RH and fits perfectly between the 36 inch wide wall.

 Of course the wallpaper was my jumping off point.
It's called Raphael from Sanderson.
I mounted the sconces on the side walls, so it's nice that they have half shades.
I already had the mirror!

 Opposite the sink is the toilet.
I found the floral print at a little shop in the wine country and love how it contrasts with the wallpaper.

I had so much fun designing this little jewel box room!
To see how this space began, all the way down to the studs and plans:
"The Open Concept Plan"

Sink:  Restoration Hardware
Faucet:  Newport Brass
Mirror:  Ballard Designs
Wallpaper:  Sanderson, "Raphael"
Sconces:  Perigold
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Makemineaspritzer said...

This tiny powder room packs a big punch. The wallpaper is scrumptious and a perfect backdrop for your little jewel box. I badly wanted to add a powder room to our renovation, but there was no space to do it without adding on. Seeing yours gets me thinking again ... but the answer is still no space. Drat. Looking at your past post on the floor plan, I wonder if you've done a post (that I missed ... or maybe its still to come)on your foyer. It looks very similar in size to mine and I'm pondering how to decorate it. At first I thought a console table or chest with lamps, mirror, etc. After living here a few weeks I feel we need a bench to sit down to put on and take off shoes. Anyhoo ... would love to see how you outfitted yours. xo

Ron said...

I love your powder room. The wallpaper is gorgeous and those sconces are perfect. I too love the half shades. Job well done!

Gina said...


junewl said...

Fabulous wallpaper with print that combine to make a botanical feel, colors and tones are perfect together and don't overpower the 36" wide space. A balancing act with all pieces working together. Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

It's lovely. I love every little detail.

TessoftheWest said...

Absolutely stunning - perfect in every detail!!!

sjr said...

It is wonderful, love the wallpaper! I know you said the space is 36 inches wide, how deep is it? I am in the process of purchasing a cottage that has an add on off the kitchen and they only put in a toilet, its so random and I am trying to figure out how to expand to a true 1/2 bath but still have room for the washer and dryer and a small utility closet. Thanks so much for sharing, looking forward to seeing more.

cotedetexas said...

My favorite paper!!!!!! OMG, this is a jewel box. I love this!!! Love the sink. It's perfect!!!!

Enjoy and use it in good health.


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