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More Romance in the Bathroom: Copper and Nickel Soaking Tubs

House Beautiful
How romantic to have a copper bathtub instead of the typical porcelain tub. It is unexpected and stands alone as the focal point in a bathroom. Penelope Bianchi's bathroom in her home in Santa Barbara with this antique copper soaking tub is amazing!

Surprisingly, adding a rustic element to the bathroom such as a copper tub, actually gives a sense of elegance.

The Bath Works
They may be polished, but most people let them age gracefully into a natural patina.

Vincente Wolf
They fit in modern, contemporary and traditional settings.

Besides being beautiful, copper tubs also are resistant to bacteria and molds.

This solid copper tub from Kallista is called the Archeo. It sells for $67,557.00!
Most copper tubs can be purchased for $3000 to $5000 though.

Perhaps a sleek nickel tub is more to your liking!

A totally different look, lending a more contemporary aesthetic to the bathroom.


Southern Accents
However, this nickel tub looks perfectly at home in this cottage bathroom.

So which do you prefer, the copper or the nickel tub? I am in love with that copper tub in the garden, even though it reminds me of one of those ridiculous Cialis commercials!

I just love how these tubs lend an organic feel to the bath like this tub in Charles Faudree's bathroom at his country retreat. Obviously it is an antique. Just add bubbles and a glass of wine and I'm in heaven!

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Lori E said...

A 67, 000 dollar tub. Yes we need one of those don't we. Even if I had the money I wouldn't buy one.
I prefer the copper and agree that those ads are ridiculous. But aren't most ads?

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love them ALL!

Kathysue said...

All so pretty to look at. I can totally see one in copper in your home.The beautiful patina would look amazing!!! I can tell you are in the planning phase for something to change soon. Hmmmmm? what could it be???? xo Kathysue

Sarah said...

Without hesitation, I'd take the copper. I've longed for one of these deep soaking tubs. What a wonderful way to end a day. Yes, I'd love one of these in copper. I'd let it age to a beautiful patina. ~ Sarah

Rebecca said...

Charles Faudree's for me! The entire room!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I definitly like the copper ones best. And you are right, what the heck is with those Cialis commercials?????:):)

NanaDiana said...

The copper ones won my heart- Calgon take me away~ xxoo Diana

Kelley said...

OK I messed up! I love those tubs Delores. I would love to see you put one in somewhere. Are these bathroom design pre-plan posts? Hope so!

xo kelley

Linda in AZ * said...

* One of these would look sooooo TERRIFIC in your house, Delores!!! (Or MINE!!! Grins!!!)...

Have actually looked into this before, and I always end up backing off... sweet husband would say ok, but I dunno... that's alot of $$$ (the one I particularly liked was $9,000), when compared to OTHER "projects" I'd like to have done here!

Soooo, YOU go for it, ok??? We can all live vicariously through YOUR joy in having this, girlfriend!


Tracy F. said...

I'm a "shower girl", but I could be very happy taking a bubble bath in any of these gorgeous tubs. I dream of having a bathroom designed by Charles Faudree.

Willow Decor said...

These tubs are works of art- stunning!! I love the zinc ones best!

Willow Decor said...

These tubs are works of art- stunning!! I love the zinc ones best!

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I love the depth of these tubs, but don't the backs look too upright for comfort? And I'd be afraid of coming out of the solid copper one smelling like an old penny.

Dianne said...

Cracked up at your Cialis remark!!!! Aren't those commercials awful? Love both the copper and nickel tubs. I would have a hard time selecting.

Anonymous said...

Copper has always been a fav. And Charles Faudree books another. Such beautiful taste in making homes look their most welcoming.

Allison Shops said...

Oh, so pretty! I wanted to do a copper slipper tub in our bath, but DH wanted to be more practical. Imagine that! I do love our Onzen tub, but... Next house. ;)

Hope you'll come see my os de mouton chairs I had recovered. I think you will approve!


Marlis said...

Copper for sure. Always. having one of those tubs would be a dream. Thanks for the inspiration.

plumbing supplies said...

Impressive! I can say that modern trends lean more toward the larger bathroom but there still lies a challenge in designing and remodeling the smaller bathroom.

plumbing said...

I like it. More romance in the bathroom copper and nickel soaking tubs. Looking for more interesting topic here. Thanks!

party bags said...

Thank you so much for that wonderful post. Looking forward for more great and amazing post.

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun to come upon my very own tub in your post!!

There it is! and I can answer some questions!

First of tub (circa 1860 is copper with a zinc lining!) If my husband draws it at 6:30 (and he does...every darling is that?) and something happens; it will still be hot at 11! Honestly!!

Next....the angle is extremely important! I sat in this tub in the antique store to make sure! the angle of the back is perfect in my tub......and the water comes up to my chin! Total heaven with bubbles!!

And my grandchildren have grown up taking bubble baths in that tub! they will be talking about it when I am long-gone!!

Also.....often people order bathtubs too long! You cannot cannot relax! if you lean back.....glub...glub... If you love baths (like I do!!)

make sure you get the right one!

I adore the pewter one we just ordered for a client from bath works!!

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