Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: Turquoise

I typically wear a lot of turquoise, mostly in the warmer months, but lately all the time. I have a few pieces that I love, like the necklace above that is similar to the one I bought at Roundtop last year. In fact, my favorite "uniform" is a white blouse or t-shirt, jeans and a turquoise necklace. Oh, and boots!

So, you can imagine my delight when I found this turquoise chandelier a few weeks ago in a design store in the City. It is made of actual turquoise stones! No, I didn't buy it! But I did fall in love with it and it inspired me to make "turquoise" my Tuesday Inspiration for today.

Currently, there is no turquoise in my decor. Perhaps, starting with a few pottery pieces like the pitcher above would be a way to introduce this beautiful color in my home. I love how it compliments the vibrant pink roses and rustic gold cup and saucer.
A turquoise still life!

Country Living
Adding turquoise Bauer to my collection which is mostly green and yellow right now will be another way to incorporate this fun and happy color.

Country Living
And there is always the garden too for introducing a new color.

In reading about the color turquoise, I discovered that it is said to absorb negative energy. It must be true, because this gorgeous room designed by David Jimenez is a feast for the eyes and makes me feel happy just looking at it!

That's because in color psychology, the color turquoise supposedly creates emotional balance.
The color is also said to recharge our spirits in times of stress and if you stare at the color, it will calm and gently invigorate you. That must be why this tablescape is both calming and stimulating with the turquoise goblets and flatware.

House Beautiful
The same way with this bedroom. Both calming and invigorating! It's that "punch" of color this room needed!

House Beautiful
Too much turquoise can give you an overactive mind and create emotional unbalance.
I don't know if any of this is true, but this just might be a little too much for my state of mind!
However, it is beautiful and definitely inspirational.

Campagne Decoration
I prefer a softer side of turquoise when a whole room is enveloped in it.

It's also unexpected, dramatic and classic. Isn't this dining room fabulous with the turquoise chandelier? The only color in this classic monochromatic room.
It reminds me of how I feel when I add that multi-strand turquoise necklace to my outfit. How unexpected!
This room could have had a crystal chandelier...
and I could be wearing pearls instead!

For more turquoise inspiration, visit House of Turquoise, a blog dedicated to the color. Erin, who is obsessed with the color turquoise also has an online store selling, you guessed it, turquoise things called Everything Turquoise.

I have a feeling turquoise is going to expand from a few pieces of jewelry in my life to something bigger. Hmmmm, maybe there is a place for that chandelier afterall!

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NanaDiana said...

Oh I love bits of turquoise here and there-just the pop of it. My mil had china with a very soft turquoise band around the edge with a rose in the center of it. She had the turquoise crytal to match. My daughter loved it and now has it in her home. It is a lovely old set and always makes me smile to see it. Good luck...are you onto a new obsession now?;>) xxoo Diana

Anonymous said...

OH!..turquoise, my favorite!!!
When traveling I try and pick up a new piece of jewelry(turquoise), I'm going over to check out Everything Turquoise, love this post, thanks for sharing.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How pretty this all is! I have little turquoise around the house as well. Love wearing it, need to fix my favorite necklace....or maybe buy a new one!

Olive said...

I wear the jewelry all the time. The color in decor is a bit more tricky. That chandelier in the last image is splendid.

Julio Muao said...

Hello Delores!

What fabulous uses of the color turquoise. I especially love the David Jimenez and the image room by Campagne Decoration. Terrific images. And the chandelier in the city is gorgeous.

Lori E said...

I also saw a lot of turquoise and brown in Christmas decorations this year.
There was a couple who had an antique shop in Eastern Canada and everything they brought in was in a turquoise or white color. There own home was also filled with this and though not my favorite it was sure beautiful. They were often on the decorating shows.

Kathysue said...

Gm D, Love this post!!! I think turqouise in jewelry is a classic and I can just see you in your cute outfit!! I am your pearl girl,I love to wear pearls with jeans!!! Hmmm adding a bit of turqouise in your future. I can see that happening. Maybe that is a new direction for you to go into and be on the hunt for!!! New inspiration, just what the Dr. ordered. xo Kathysue

Diane said...

Turquoise is also my favorite color. I have many turquoise items of clothing and even more turquoise jewelry. I even used it as one of the colors in my blog design!

So it is ironic that I have not used it in my home. Like you, I will have to find ways to inject this wonderfully calming, uplifting color.

Thanks for a great post!

Tracy F. said...

Love, love, love turquoise! These rooms are fabulous...I could live happily in any of them. The 2 chandeliers are beyond-spectacular!

Karena said...

Delores, that bedroom OMG!!

I love to wear turquoise jewelry all spring and summer!! Perfect with jeans and whites!

I have an Artful Offering and great interview on my site.You will love it!

Art by Karena

Susan Freeman said...

There is no doubt about it now ~ I need to add some turquoise elements! Fabulous ideas!!

Susan and Bentley

Slim Paley said...

Some beautiful images here! I'm verging on obsessed with the colour combination of turquoise/teal & apricot/tangerine right now! I even featured it in a post for the Super Bowl, not that it had anything to do with the Superbowl but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! It's really quite amazing how many colours it looks simply divine with, in fashion of course as well.
I love turquoise jewelry- sadly, I'm too small boned to wear those fabulously chunky Santa Fe style pieces, but I do wear many smaller turquoise favourites I've collected over the years from Greece, and have, oh let's just say, one or two bags in this "feel good" colour! :)

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hello Delores,
oh my, turquoise is my favoured color also. I don't own turquoise jewlery but I have some with opal which are shining turquoise also. It is truly a "feeling good-color" and you definately should have this chandelier. Imagine, switch the light on and feel good! And that every day!
Greetings, Johanna

Everything Coastal said...

How funny, this morning I was just thinking about how the shades of aqua and turquoise are instantly calming - and then I ran across your blog post today. It's the color of the sea, have you ever noticed when you step out onto the beach and see turquoise there is an instant calming effect?

Love the photos! (PS lots of turquoise in my house!)

Sarah said...

Delores, you've hit on yet another of my own loves. Turquoise, white shirt, jeans ~ standard uniform around here. I even have some bracelets that mix turquoise beads with a pearl clasp. They were a thrifty find at a resale boutique in NYC last spring.
The chandeliers are incredible. I especially like the one in the last photo. Thank you for sharing the turquoise inspiration and the links to Erin's blog. ~ Sarah

Marlis said...

OOh I too love turquoise! a lot. white blouse, blue jeans, turquoise and silver. and boots! yep, me too. Turquoise has crept into my home.. really. it started small and there are pieces everywhere now.. not much, just enough to bring a bit of excitement! Thanks for the inspiration. I would have had a very hard time resisting that chandelier!

Mary said...

I actually love the flower pots and the soft turquoise dining room, (don't you just adore Campagne Decoration mag., it's my favorite!).

Love turquoise jewlery too - used to have some but have no idea what happened to it - must have shared with a friend. Maybe I'll treat myself to a necklace for Spring!

Yes, you must see Castello di Amorosa - quite a building feat! I have been to Healdsburg on a former trip to the wine country about 12 years ago - also did the dinner run on the Wine Train then - it was a fun time with our dear friends, Paula and her late husband.

I wish so much I'd had more time on your coast so we could have met...........I so admire your beautiful homes and decorating style Delores. Have a happy week.
Hugs - Mary

Sonia said...

Wow what stunning chandeliers!! When I lived in Austin I collected turquoise jewelry and have a few custom pieces that I love wearing!
Thanks for sharing these gorgeous rooms!

Miss Bloomers

Kathy Walker said...

Lovely! I love a splash of turquoise. I added a turquoise leather chair at our house and was amazed at the change in the room!

Allison Shops said...

How pretty! Love it all. Two of my favorite posts involved this gorgeous color: Turquoise Chandeliers and Turquoise Harlequin Kitchen. It's such a happy color!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I am looking around at all of my junk, and I cannot find any turquoise in my home! Yikes! If it absorbs negative energy, I better look for some turquoise to put in my home. Oh No! Another quest for more junk - but it will be turquoise junk! That chandelier is amazing. Thanks for inspiring me to go out and look for something else for my already cluttered home! laurie

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