Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Interview With Leslie Sinclair, Owner of Segreto Finishes

With all the painting projects going on around my house, I can't help thinking about my friend Leslie Sinclair and her decorative finish business, Segreto Finishes in Houston.
I really don't know how she does it! She works harder than anyone I know, overseeing 25 skilled craftsmen, building Segreto to the successful company it is today.
Above is an example of a faux finish created by Segreto for Leslie's ceiling.

Segreto Finishes can take a chair from ordinary to extraordinary!
I wish they were closer, because I'm thinking of having my dining room chairs painted and they would do the perfect job, I know!

And now, Leslie has a book! It is absolutely beautiful, showcasing all the gorgeous homes that Segreto Finishes has done over the years.
I'm very fortunate to have my very own signed copy!

When Leslie was in San Francisco last month, we hung out for the day.
I had lots of questions for her! In fact, I interviewed her!

Do you ever create a finish for a client yourself, or do you have finishers do it?

"When I started I created them all myself—now I create the samples and do all the design work but have a staff of 25 skilled craftsman and artisans that implement the work. I should be up and down on that ladder myself these days it was very good for my waistline--ha-ha"

Having been in the decorative finishing business for 15 years, what faux finishing trends have you noticed come and go?

"I see that the trends lean towards more subtle finishes. I think that is why plaster has had a huge resurgence in the design industry. Gypsum based plasters not venetian are the old style way of plastering. It has only been in the last 10 years or so that technology has enabled this product to be applied over sheetrock vs. the older and much more expensive plastering over lathe method. Cabinet finishes are huge--crackle going out, but a series of soft glazes which create a furniture finish look take cabinets from spray painted to soft interesting elements in one’s home. Faux finishes which are soft and subtle have stood the test of time, and stenciling to create wallpaper looks give a great look typically for less and there are no seams to deal with!! Painted murals which are inspired by Gracie wallpapers are always a classic!!"

What designers have you had the pleasure to work with?

"I have been privileged to work with a multitude of very talented designers from all over the country . They truly inspire and push me to create new cutting edge and beautiful backdrops to their elegant interiors. One thing I enjoyed about putting the book together is revisiting all of these stunning homes and becoming inspired once again by all the talented designers I work with."

Getting personal, what do you like to do when you're not working?

Gosh one of my issues ---paint!!!! I also love being with my family—I have three wonderful children and a very supportive husband and all of my free time is with them. As they have all left now my youngest just went to college I am really enjoying getting to see my wonderful girlfriends who have stayed friends with me even though may times many months go by between talks.

If you could get

on a plane today, where would you go, and who would you go with?

Ha-ha we talked about that on our visit—I thought we were in our new girls travel club!!! I would love to go to Spain France again and Tuscany. Good food good wine and wonderful inspirations architecture!!

If Leslie lived closer, I would ask her to help me with my powder room!
No, this isn't mine, but her bathroom!

This is my powder room as of yesterday after Bob the Painter stripped the uber-floral wallpaper off. Now what? Paint? Wallpaper? Stenciling? Leslie, how much is a ticket from Houston to San Francisco these days!?

Actually, I should be flying to Houston, because Thursday, Sept. 22nd is the book launch party at Boxwoods Interiors, and it sounds like a blast!
Lemon drop martinis, great hors d'hoeuvres and cupcakes. It should be a huge crowd.
Of course, Leslie will be there signing books!

If you can't make it to the book launch party, you can order your very own copy of Segreto, Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors here.
Leslie also has a blog called Segreto The Secret to Beautiful Living.

Congratulations Leslie on the launch of your beautiful book.
You truly inspire me!
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Anonymous said...

Your friend is such a talented and hardworking lady! Her finishes are beautiful and your photos are as always amazing. When I see the name of your blog I always remember the first photo that led me to your blog - a foggy morning in your other blog
Have fun at the party!


The enchanted home said...

Beautiful! I discoverd their work not too long ago, a few months ago and was instantly smitten! So glad to know there is a book, I will have to add it to my collection. Their work is fabulous!

Unknown said...

What an inspiring post... I was drooling over that huge kitchen! I wanted to invite you to enter my giveaway...

Please stop by and enter my Goodbye to Summer~Hammock Giveaway!

Kathysue said...

I don't know how I missed this post!!!Great post and Delores I love love this picture of you. You look beautiful!! xo Kathysue

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