Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thanks For Sharing

After my "Squirrel, Acorn and Oak leaf" post, I got a comment from reader, Karen asking me if I knew about a silver-plate pattern called Charter Oak.

I immediately started googling this pattern and found some beautiful pieces on Ebay.
This pattern is made by 1847 Rogers and was first introduced in 1906, the year our house was built. Hmmm, what a coincidence!
I'm wondering why I didn't know about this already?

Even the back is pretty!
Thanks Karen for introducing me to this pattern depicting oak leaves and acorns, some of my favorite design motifs.
Hopefully, I will win a few pieces on Ebay...

Another reader, Marian also told me about this wonderful oak leaf charger from Horchow and Neiman Marcus.

Here is a close-up of the pattern.
I can only imagine how much fun a tablescape would be featuring this charger, silverware and my red and white transferware featuring squirrels and acorns.
Unfortunately, at $85 each, I am going to have to pass this one up.
Hopefully, it will go on sale someday.
Thanks for sharing Karen and Marian!

So now it's my turn to share.
A reader tipped me off to the brand "Murchison-Hume."
Since I bought this dish soap on sale at Anthropologie last year, it didn't occur to me that it would be available anywhere else. I was just happy to keep refilling it with generic dishwashing liquid.

What I discovered was a company based in Sydney, co-founded by a darling couple.
She is from California, he is from Australia. Together, they formed Murchison-Hume.
Their cleaning products are people safe, child safe, pet safe and plant safe.
And to think I bought it for the bottle!
Check them out here.

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Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

LOVE that pattern!!! I will have to look around here for it. The company was located here in our Naugatuck Valley, Connecticut, and it's easy to find their treasures everywhere... Antique and vintage silver is very plentiful here. I have never seen that pattern, NOW I will have to hunt for it! Thank you so much for the info...
Have a wonderful week,

Karena said...

Hi Delores, love that pattern.

I had to laugh about the soap dispenser, because I have done the same thing. Sometimes packaging is so wonderful!

Please come and join my new Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

Art by Karena

Susie said...

I love the silverware.I checked your previous post.Your sink/window is beautiful. I'll be checking back. Smiles to you,Susie(She Junks)

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

OMG, Delores, you need that silverware! That pattern is gorgeous! I wasn't familiar with it, but now I want some of it. laurie

Karen said...

Hi Delores,
So happy to have introduced you to Charter Oak. Here is a link to another site that sells the pattern for not too exorbitant of a price.

I've purchased a few pieces from eBay and a few from Antique Cupboard (link above). I was excited to read about the tray...Mother's Day is on the way!
I love the soap dispenser/soap too.
Karen at Garden, Home and Party

Sarah said...

Delores, the silver pattern is gorgeous. It has such depth to the detail. I've eyed those chargers myself, but at that price I've had to just admired. I did find a vintage oak leaf/ acorn carved wooden plate last year at Round Top, so who knows, perhaps there are more waiting to be discovered.
Thanks for sharing the info. ~ Sarah

The enchanted home said...

Now I am hooked on that patten too! How beautiful!

Kathysue said...

The flatware pattern has your name written all over it!! I also think your dishes NEED this flatware, Look at it as if you are giving your dishes a gift, it is not for you, it is for your dishes! xo Kathysue

Terri~terrileeauthor said...

Good luck on ebay.......I know how that goes!!!
But that really is a perfect pattern for you. I'll keep my eye out for you as well as for that door knocker.

Pura Vida said...

You make me covet!

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

That is one of the prettist patterns of silver I have ever seen. I can see why you fell in love. And I have to agree about the $85 chargers. I thought I was splurging when I paid $14 at Pier1. :) But they are beauties, for sure.

Mr Paul said...

Unfortuneately Murchison-Hume isn't available over here. I'll wait for my next trip across the pond to sample their products.


Marian said...

I'm trying to hold back on this lovely silver - I'm already addicted to Rogers La Vigne ( which you hahaha probably need for the wine country). There I go again, enabling. Yes, I hope those carved chargers go on sale. Deep discount sale. I do enjoy this blog - so happy to share something with *you* for a change.

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