Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall In Love With Succulents For Fall

Let's not overlook the ever versatile, ever hardy and ever colorful succulent as a plant that can represent autumn in all its glory.

 From green to burgundy and orange in-between, succulents certainly have their share of fall colors going on.

I have to admit, I'm a little weary of traditional fall decor this year.
A few years ago, I created this very traditional harvest centerpiece. 
This year, I want something different.

That's where succulents can play a role.  They can be added to the proverbial "pumpkin meets fallen leaves" for a new fresh look, yet still say autumn.

Last week, I stopped in for a visit at the Restoration Hardware flagship store in Marin and took note of their succulents.

That's when it occurred to me just how versatile succulents are and how they can transition from season to season, each time fitting right in.

I do think they look their best during fall though.
That's when they can truly shine, especially with the addition of a few white pumpkins, or green gourds.

Just be sure when planting your succulents for fall to choose a variety of colors.

There are so many to choose from!

And with that wonderful warm autumn sunlight setting the succulents aglow, I know that I have found the perfect addition to my fall decor.

I'm joining Yvonne at StoneGable for Tutorials, Tips and Tidbits!

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Sarah said...

Delores, I didn't have good luck with my pots of succulents last fall, but I'm going to try again. I love the different textures and rich colors of succulents. I'm off to the garden center this morning. ''-)

Southerncook said...

Loved your post and I have tried some succulents recently and agree they look stunning during the Fall. I have some planted outside in my garden in large pots and they are very striking. I want to pot up some for a dining room table centerpiece. I remember seeing yours and I don't even remember how long that has been but it stuck in my mind and if I am remembering correctly your centerpiece was in a long wooden piece. I really loved that and have not located just the right vessel yet. They would make a most unusual Fall arrangement finessed with some white pumpkins. Thanks for the inspiration.

Carolyn/A Southerner's Notebook

Monica said...

I love the succulents mixed with concrete look ...pinned those!! Great post and ideas!!

Kathysue said...

Hi D! I agree they can really shine in the Fall, love the beautiful red they can turn with the soft greens. Great examples here today,

AntiqueChase said...

I love what RH did with them! I usually get mine fro mHome Depot but lately their prices even on the baby ones has gone up!

Melanie said...

I love succulents and I agree that they would be a beautiful part of decorating for fall.

Unknown said...

You have hit on a great idea for dressing up Fall decor. I love succulents too! I have a few and have really enjoyed them. My former boss gave me an arrangement of them when I retired, and they are so nice! Love the photo of your table decor. Gorgeous!

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