Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tortoise On My Radar

Why did the tortoise cross the road?
Obviously to get to the other side, but he was very slow at it and in danger of getting run over.
So, we stopped the car on our way to Asti and helped him out.

Just look at his beautiful markings!
And his cute little face!

Made me think of all things tortoise in the design world...

House Beautiful
Tortoise was the inspiration when Miles Redd refinished this Regency breakfast table.

Tortoise seems to go with everything!  
Notice how the tortoise wall covering marries well with the leopard rug in this dining room designed by  Andrew Howard.

A bookshelf comes alive with tortoise fabric, designed by Albert Hadley.

As does this room with a Victorian faux-tortoise bamboo chest.
I die!

Bunny Williams takes the whole tortoise thing a step further.
I'm not sure how I feel about that giant shell, but it is a beautiful curiosity.

Traditional Home
Tortoise has been around forever.
It is certainly not a trend, but a lasting design element, dating back to the 18th Century.
Just start a tortoise box or tea caddy collection and you will see what I mean.

Looking around my house, I realize for the first time that the few bamboo pieces that I own mimic tortoise with their mottled finish.

The Victorian bamboo cabinet in my bathroom is an example.

The Victorians were enamored with tortoise!

No wonder I love these shades in the living room.
And Mr. A's fishing box!

All because the tortoise crossed the road!

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Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

It ALL speaks to me! I love tortoise too! My BIL sent me 2 shells that he found in the woods along with some antlers! I noticed that I have some bamboo pieces that have a tortoise like coloring too.

Sarah said...

I've long been a fan of tortoise. It is definitely a classic design element in my mind! A few of our bamboo pieces have tortoise shell bamboo. It's our favorite look when it comes to vintage bamboo.
Would love a collection of tea caddies or small boxes.
Glad you came to the rescue of this guy crossing the road.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I love all of these tortoise photos, and the little guy that you helped across the road!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful post filled with beautiful examples of tortoise. I like how he is starring at the camera for the photo and to have stopped and helped him safely cross the ride is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Um, that should be "road" not ride, lol.

Rose Petals Nursery said...

Thank you for being the good stewart, loved this posting!

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